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  1. I think going by the above picture the wheels need spacers & some beefier tyres ^ But i think the Pajero Sport is taking care of that And yes finally the Outlander sees an 7 seat config.
  2. Fantastic !!! This surely will set the benchmark yet again (especially if the " octavia " badge is reborn) PS - The Gear knob just looks so tempting to operate ^ IMO Skoda's gearshifts are the most precise, slick in the business ( Had owned a Laura L&K M/T for 1.13Lakh Kms - 4yrz )
  3. Had owned a Swift Ldi for 3 years, never faced such problem
  4. IIRC they (ACI) had mentioned GM had to shelve the plans to bring the Trailblazer to India because it is TOO BIG & cannot accommodate in thier PAINT BOOTH. ^ I was amused on that one
  5. The front some how reminds me of the Cadillac Escalade. Side looks inspired from the Ford endeavor . But overall pretty old-school & looks spacious 15-16L Ex-showroom pricing would be the sweet spot for this one to grab attention
  6. The SANDERO may not be a 7 seater but surely is a proper 5 seater. Where as the Quanto isnt a proper 7 seater nor a spacious 5 seater (as the middle row is cramped)
  7. The Renault Sandero (crossover) should take care of the Quanto if & when launched ( in the 5-7 lakh segment )
  8. Oh yeah , this is the one which looks current gen , fantastic lines & a proper Renault
  9. Though the CLIO is a very known & famous Renault but frankly the one pictured here doesnt look appealing, i believe the current PULSE offered is a way better looker & in INDIA whose gona know what the CLIO is or was or the heritage ? So IMO this wont work !!!
  10. Also wanting to see more PERFORMANCE oriented SUVs this time made for extreme 4 x 4; Like a Fortuner with an extreme off road package eg lift kit , off road tyres etc Should be interesting to see such projects coming life.
  11. Even the STOCK E46 M3 was capable of getting to the TON in 4.8ish secs
  12. Couple of years back i often spotted this very M3 in my locality i.e. in Mulund ( Mumbai ) If i am not wrong this NFS MW inspired wacky mod & paint job is done by Mkraft (Mulund, Mumbai) Also saw the review of this ' Supercharged ' M3 in the latest ACI edition, for me the highlight was the M/T. Im sure driving this car would be no less than an event But disappointing were the numbers pointed out i.e. 0-100 in 7 secs I know 0-100 is not the only thing but hey , this baby is a supercharged M3 , right ? What do you think guys ? IMO the car has a potential of under 5 secs easily. Hope ACI guys can clarify on the performance figures quoted
  13. Renault Duster ; Less Marketing, less discussion, quick launch & Decent pricing - SUCCESS M&M Quanto; Less Marketing, moderate discussion, not much delay in launch - SUCCESS FORD ECO SPORT; MASSIVE Marketing, MASSIVE Expectations, MASSIVE campaigning @ AUTO EXPO, & NO LAUNCH YETT !!!!! ^ SUCCESS will be dependent on pricing only now
  14. I think the recently spotted Ferrari 458 GT should be the the show stopper this time
  15. Why not the DUSTER ? It is every car in one car ! The Ertiga is such a badly designed car, same can be said about the Dzire ( though this model is better than previous gen ) & If Maruti only is the criteria , do check out the SX 4 Diesel too
  16. An Hybrid would have been more sensible option. Mahindra will surely taste success with this with the looks being favorable to the purchase. Also not sure about the pricing as it is clear with this M&M is not targeting numbers but high profit.
  17. At the price point mentioned Id buy this car if its exactly same as the concept, even if they get it 90 % similar id still buy it & use it as a lifestyle vehicle. (Especially love the rims) Note : Ford did well with the Ecosport i.e. from concept to production model.
  18. Its raining BABY SUV's !!! Note : 1 Litre Turbo again & pitted against the Ford 1.0 L Eco Boost ^ Arent these cos. taking rivalry too seriously ?
  19. Oh well, you are right. Seems Hyundai has a plan, they may eventually launch a Long Wheel Base version of the Santa Fe with a premium.
  20. Finally ARIA is coming in the correct price bracket, this will surely attract customers of the Duster & also will make the to be customers of the newly launched Quanto think before signing the check.
  21. Frankly if i am disappointed by the news about India getting the Shorter Wheel Base Model, i ask Why ? Check out the full size Santa Fe ; ^ Looks so much better & theres so much of Q7 ness in it