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  1. The Video starts off with a quick open air class room session; And an in depth discussion on Engine Performance & Handling; Likes; - Looks & Stance- Power Delivery of the V6 Engine - Interior Space & Comfort- Air Suspension & Ride QualityDislikes; - Run Flats & 225 mm width tyres (Better, Wider tyres should transform the ride & handling further) - Ground Clearance is at a low 135 mm (Even low @ 120mm in sport, sport+ mode)- Missing features like the HUD, front double display screen & rear infotainment is disappointing at this price point.- Big Price Gap between the petrol & top end diesel v6 (the nicer version). Other Observations; - The LWB may look mis proportionate in pics but in flesh it seems to look pretty good. - The doors of the car never seem to close properly, it seems they are the ones designed for the soft close feature, hence looks like a last minute omission by Mercedes India. - Steering is good for a Electric Unit. - Though the seats are of artificial leather they seem to be of great quality & will not disappoint at all. - LED headlamps are excellent. - This being a LWB & Real Seat focussed car is jokingly missing Audio / Mercedes Command Controls at the back. - Rear seats recline by 37 Degrees. - Its Fast & Fun to drive, handles well too, as i said in the review DO NOT confuse judgement with handling as its a long car. - But, Handling could have been better with wider tyres as these 225's scare more than the length of the car. - Though i have mentioned the Ground Clearance as a dislike, but i love the stance of the car. - This is the 1st time that the E-Class is offered without a spare tyre (Does offer a space saver though) - Fuel Economy i managed from the V6 was a decent 10.4 km/l & with 66L Fuel Tank will have a good range. - Note, this time there will be no E250d on offer but an E220d which will launch soon. - This new 2L Diesel from the E220d is codenamed OM654 (All Aluminium) and will have 195hp & 400NM of torque (100 NM less than the E250d which was 500NM)
  2. Recently i upgraded my BMW 328i with the STEINBAUER Power module. The installation was plug and play and took about 15 mins. Steinbauer box & wiring / cable were of really high quality The Dyno Runs were done at KS Motorsports, Mumbai & the Dyno reading was as follows; The stock car with Intake & Exhaust at the dyno got 222 WHP. So considering drivetrain loss with a modern ZF Gearbox of aprox 16%, we get aprox 257 hp at the Crank. After Installation the dyno run read 268.4 WHP which translates to 312 HP at the crank. The overlay chart looks as follows; Total Gains were 46 HP in power & 55 NM of torque. All this on Regular fuel (91 Octane) Considering the above gains & installation time, We added 3 HP every Minute
  3. Booking & Delivery Experience; I booked the car 1 day after the launch in Early November. Car was delivered in just over 2 weeks & was November 2016 make. The colour of the car is SUPER WHITE. I took Delivery on 24/11/16 & was a great experience at; Dealership: RATHOD TOYOTA, Vapi. I did a self registration. I paid aprox 30k for extended warranty (5 years / 100,000 kms) I got to do my own insurance as well, which saved me aprox INR 40k. Freebies: OE Toyota Floor Mats. It was just over 6 kms on the odo when i took delivery. Dealership Experience 10/10
  4. Likes; - Engine Performance - Looks - Gear Shift Quality & iMT - Interiors & Features - Stress Free Reliability & Service Advantage Dislikes; - No Full Time 4WD this time - Tyres in the 4x4 variant are H/T where as the 4x2 get A/T - No Rear Diff Locks for Indian version - Should have been priced more aggressively The video covers an in-depth discussion on Toyota's new GD Series Engine; & I get some wheel spin; Other Observations; - The exterior design philosophy looks much better in person & the design grows on you. - The Manual models misses out on 2 cup holders which are present in the A/T in front of the gear lever. - Fortuner sadly misses out on the ambient lighting which the Innova Crysta has, WHY ? - The exterior mirror puddle lamps & boot lamp is yellow in colour but all other interior lights are white, WHY ? - The Horn sounds very meek for this large SUV. - Tyre pressure of the 1st gen Fortuner was 30 psi, but this time the recommended tyre pressure has dropped to 29 psi. - The Hill Hold assist can get irritating for someone who knows how to release the clutch on the slope and doesn't need this assistance. I say this because you cannot switch off this assistance.
  5. Good to know that you are planning a 'ring trip. The car was aprox Euro 250 Nurburgring Tickets: Euro 29/Lap 98 Octane fuel top up aprox Euro 10 There were other cars too like Porsche 911 GT3 RS & BMW M4 available too but those were going too expensive hence i stuck to my choice oh ///M 135i as it was having enough power (320hp) with a 6 speed Manual. Thank You !
  6. Great pictures Prancing Horse, Thanks for sharing. I also had attended this event on saturday and it was indeed well organised by Toyota & their team. Here's a pic which i took during the wading section; Finally before leaving i was asked to write my feedback on the wall & i gladly did
  7. Some Driving Regulations / Tips & facts to keep in mind when driving at the Nurburgring; - The entire Nurburgring is a no stop zone (including hard shoulders) - Though the Nurburgring has public access it can be only entered & exited via only the designated points. - Also it is strictly a one-way (clockwise) road. Turning back or reversing is strictly not permitted. - Drifting is not permitted. - Overtaking is only allowed from the left. - Do constantly watch your mirrors for quick approaching traffic, always use your right-hand turn signal to indicate for people to pass from the left only. - Any road legal vehicle is allowed to drive on the 'Ring on public open track days. - Driving a rental (Hertz, Avis etc) car at the 'ring is allowed but may not be advisable as in case of a accident the insurance may/may not cover the cost as it was being driven on the track. - Hence hiring a proper track rental car is always preffered. Many options available, right from the GT86 to the 911's. - Some sections of the track surprisingly had speed limits. - A single lap at the ring costs Euro 29. - The Nordschleife is 21 km long & is having in total 73 turns ( 33 left, 40 right) - Its neccessary to stay relaxed, go easy, focus on braking and turning points, and for god's sake don't time your laps or try breaking records if you are 1st time at the ring. - Racing driving legend Jackie Stewart unintentionally gave the Ring its current name when he called it the “Green Hell”. "Difficult to drive, easy to die” ... - Jochen Rindt
  8. Hello all, Last month i was in Germany & had the opportunity to drive at the Nurburgring & i'd like to share this experience in the form of this video; I do the ring in the BMW ///M 135i; ^ 320hp, 6 speed M/T & RWD The video also includes some raw lap footage; Hope you guys have fun watching it, Enjoy !
  9. Likes; - Engine - Interiors - Finally a Diesel A/T- Feature Laden - Stress Free Ownership, Service Experience.Dislikes; - No Exclusivity - No M/T on 2.8L- Short Service Intervals- Base Variant GX is too bare bones (Specially the Interiors) even @ 14L Ex-Showroom - The Crysta is spread over 15 variants & hence can get confusing for the buy decision & also during resale. The Video Starts of with a 'Journey'; & a discussion on things which have changed & the things which haven't; Miscellaneous facts; - Toyota says there are no carryover parts from the older Innova. - The new GD series engines have high thermal efficiency & powerful performance around the world, including extremely cold areas where air temperatures can fall to -40˚C and altitudes exceeding 4500m above sea level. - The turbocharger of the all new GD series engine is produced in house by Toyota. - This new Turbo features a newly developed turbine which improves efficiency, and a new impeller that provides immediate acceleration response and produces maximum torque over a wide spread of RPM. - The A/T Gearbox is supplied by AISIN. - AISIN is the same company which supplied boxes for the all new (FWD) BMW X1 as well as XUV 500. The Innova's AC60 is developed for Light Truck & SUV's (RWD platform) - The rear brakes are still drum but a size larger. - The beautiful dashboard is a 1 piece item made from Injection Moulding of Poly Propylene. - Middle Row legroom has increase by 20mm. - Accessing 3rd row is now easier. - Wheelbase remains same as earlier Innova. Note: In the video at 5:07 i have mitakenly mentioned the torque as 343 NM instead of 360 NM, apologies for that.
  10. Hello Guys, Earlier this month i was on a holiday in the US & had the opportunity to drive the Dodge Charger & Ford Mustang on my road trips, so thought of making a video for you guys; VIDEO LINK: The Video Includes; Driving on some of the best roads in & around the countryside; My Driving impressions of the cars i drive; Some Sightseeing; & i hit the STRIP; So this is my 1st attempt in making a Travelogue-Video, hope you guys like it
  11. My friend Aman just messaged me informing on how to come out of the manual mode in XE. He said that you need to keep either of the paddles pressed for 3-4 seconds and automatically manual mode will be disengaged Now how does Jaguar expect one to figure that out