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  1. Video Link: The Video Starts of with a build up; Then the XE is reviewed on Driving performance, Handling etc... The model im driving is the top spec Portfolio 25t i.e. 2L 237 HP, 340 NM petrol. Other Key Observations; - Though the engine specifications are similar to my 328i (N20 engine) But my BMW is much faster. Firstly the 328i has a factory quoted 0-100 km/h of 6.1 secs (also some websites and articles have quoted 5.9 secs) compared to this Jag's factory quoted 6.8 secs. - This engine is actually Ford derived 2L Ecoboost & might be replaced with Ingenium petrol engine. - Engine note is sweet when revved hard, but the exhaust should have had some more fruity note (Likewise in 328i i needed an exhaust upgrade to make the car sound good) - Infotainment system is improved compared to XF & XJ but still not as good as iDrive user-friendliness. - Spare wheel is a space saver. - Battery is in the boot just like BMW's. - Boot Space at 455L is smallest in the segment (BMW 3 series, Audi A4, Merc C Class are all at 480L) also it is a bit narrow because of the boot hinges. - Headlights are regular HID whereas competition has started offering LED now also no fog or bumper lamps on the XE. - No space for bottle storage in front doors. - Though there is leather on top of the dashboard but surprisingly there is no leather on top of instrument cluster & feels Plasticky (cost reduction measure ?) - While operating paddles the car in manual mode i did not know how to get back to regular D mode, Hence i had to go to S mode and then switch back to D. Whereas in a BMW if you have used the paddles & are not in sport mode (gearbox to the left) the car will automatically come back to D mode after some seconds. - Operating the buttons on steering felt better than the ones on the dashboard. - Inspite of so much of Aluminium usage the XE is weighing 1548 kg whereas the BMW 3 series weighs only 1505 Kg. - My brother 6ft 1"(taller than me) sitting at the back while shooting the video was always complaining about the limited space, also the hump in the floor making things difficult for the middle passenger as well. - Front center armrest is not that comfortable and feels a bit too hard, more cushioning would have been welcome. - Driving Modes (Jaguar Drive Select) gets Dynamic, Normal, Eco & Winter modes. Not sure what the winter mode does, Can anyone with more experience with Jaguar clarify this ? - Globally the car gets Heads up Display, the portfolio missing out on the HUD is disappointing. - The car gets many Cameras which is a good thing - There is a regular reverse camera, 360 Degree View, Front bumper has 2 intersection cameras placed on the sides & then there is one in front as well placed on the grille above the Jaguar logo. - Both trims get the same alloy wheel design. IMO the portfolio which is pricier by 7L deserved better looking rims to differentiate it being the top model (18"ers would have been nice too) Hope you guys like it, Enjoy !
  2. Hey Sachin, I would suggest wait for the new Innova and make the decision accordingly. But don't expect it to be sanely priced, specially the 2.8 A/T. Thanks librankur, appreciate your positive comments.
  3. Thanks Sachin, i appreciate your positive comments. If you are looking for a 7 seat SUV then you can go in for the 4x2 2.2 A/T Endy has you don't have any off road to do i believe (as you are ready to buy an MUV too) I would also suggest you to look at Chevy Trailblazer then as its a proper full size 7 seater. If nothing makes sense go & buy the Innova A/T, you won't regret
  4. Video Link: The video covers an in depth review of the Endeavour on Engine Performance, Handling, Ride Quality etc. Terrain Management System Explained in Theory; Time for some practicals; Hope you guys like it, Enjoy
  5. Why is Skoda not launching the new Rapid in India ? Its been there in the EU since 2012. Is it under so much of pressure of VW that it will kill its own identity. Don't think so, as they had well timed launch for the Octavia & now Superb. Then why not this product ? Can someone clarify this ?
  6. Hello Everyone, I had the Abarth Punto over the weekend & had the opportunity to video review it; VIDEO LINK: The video starts off with a Build up; An in depth review of the engine performance & driving dynamics; And for the 1st time a S.W.O.T. Analysis is performed for a car; Hope you like it, Enjoy
  7. Thanks Sachin, I do own the old Figo as well (for factory use) and has covered aprox 1.51L kms in it Old one indeed has a joyful steering where as the new one is more of an all rounder (comfortably light in city which the old wasn't). Regarding bottoming out, the new Figo has an increased ground clearance @ 174 mm. Hence the issue is solved for the good now PS - Apology for the delayed response as i was travelling.
  8. Thanks harikkuttan. The wheels (15"ers) cost aprox INR 29k for a set of 4 & the tyres which were Continental Max Contact 5 cost aprox INR 5400/tyre.
  9. VIDEO LINK: The video includes a in depth review of the new Figo's 1.5L TDCi diesel unit; Some upgrades; Some Dancing; A Drag v/s VW Polo GT TDi (1.6) And finally a classroom session PS - As im not a professional the production quality might not be the best, but hope you like it, Enjoy.
  10. Thanks a lot Prashant, I agree there are a few more better & expensive options, but i chose the ///M Exhaust specifically because i had the BMW Part nos. & hence could get it fit through an official BMW Service centre for a marginal fitting cost ( If i remember correctly i had paid aprox 2.5k INR for the fitting )
  11. Thanks, yes i agree the S5 is really a sweet deal considering its a CBU. Cost of the ///M Exhaust was aprox 81k INR (Incl. duty & freight) And yes the FIGO is doing well ... will get new rims & broader tyres this week
  12. Hello all this is my 1st video review & its on the recently fitted M Performance Exhaust for my F30 328i; Link: The video consists of a Build Up; In Depth Review; Exhaust Sounds; Catback v/s Axleback Explanation; And some Actions Scenes; Hope you like it, Enjoy PS - Don't forget to keep the volume high
  13. Guys this is not the X7 mule but a X5 edrive prototype. Source: http://www.autoevolution.com/news/bmw-x5-edrive-prototype-mistaken-for-x7-80529.html
  14. I love it, lets hope M&M green light this. With what design revolution they did with the XUV i believe they can do similar wonder with this. Looks like a X6 killer @ 20-25L price tag (speculative), what say guys
  15. F80 M3 Spotted completely undisguised during commercial filming session; Source: Bimmerpost
  16. Im not sure as i dont have the list. The best would be to give your cars VIN no. to the Nissan service center & be present yourself to spot your VIN no. in the recall list. If it is not in the list, then may be it isnt faulty.
  17. Toyota has given a confirmation for the GT 86 platform saloon; Will have 100 mm more wheelbase than the coupe. It could receive what Toyota calls the “keen-look” grille design that appears to replicate the shape of a Japanese Samurai sword. Engine will be the 2.0-liter 4-cyl engine a carryover from the coupe and produce 200 bhp to power the rear wheels. There could also be a Hybrid R variant that produces 250-270 bhp and will be 10-15 % more fuel efficient than the standard model. Also reports suggests that the new system will employ F1-style KERS tech, which can recover the car’s kinetic energy under braking and deliver it back to the rear wheels in short bursts Source
  18. The car is approaching 28k kms now & the brake pads look to be OK so far. However @ 30k service shall get them checked Initially they said my car wasnt a part of the recall list, but however when i had taken the car for 20k service they agreed to replace the same considering the list got updated, LoL So in a way it was my initiative more than the companies.
  19. Guys the brake master cylinder has been replaced. My observations; As you all know that this car is 90% chauffeur driven, my driver has said that there is only a slight improvement in braking, to quantify may be about 5% But when i drove the car i did not find any noticeable gain in braking power/ stopping distance. This recall IMO is to avoid failure of the same part as not much improvement has been felt so far Thanks for your concern
  20. Is this the real deal ? I think this should be it Source: AutoBild