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  1. When i had tanked up the cost was about Rs 92/litre. Now im not sure but should be about 102/Litre Yes it can & to clear the confusion, here's a screenshot from the cars manual in the i-drive;
  2. The render by Autoexpress is a disaster IMO. The renders released few months back of the proposed SUV in the form of 103ex concept was much better;
  3. Hey Ixtreme, Thanks man, appreciate your comments Have tanked up on Speed 97 before & there indeed is a noticeable gain in refinement & performance.
  4. The regular fuel in India is 89-91 Octane. Car can & is running on regular fuel without any problems. In fact even the M5 is designed to run on regular fuel
  5. Fresh Shots: The Cabrera LP600-4 debuts at the Nurburgring Source
  6. So the last possibility IMO remains is that your car would have come with used rear tires (dealership may have had played dirty by selling/keeping the new ones) Or Your tires would have been changed unknowingly while the 1st or 2nd service at the service center
  7. @harikkuttan; What tire pressure are you running ? Also do you have any CNG kit (as its a petrol) as this may happen due to extra weight too. ? Have you checked the wheel balancing ?
  8. The spy shots make the profile of the car taller & definitely more SUV like than the current on sale model. Also can be seen is the hood connects to the grille, and there would be a possible connection line between the headlights & the grille. Lets wait & watch Source: Bimmerpost
  9. Check out the latest renders; Source
  10. Manual Transmission offered has caught my attention on this JEEP Wrangler as the Cherokee would be coming with an 8 speed A/T
  11. Hi man2705, If your car is unregistered it may not be a smart move to drive across through so many places, if caught the penalties can be hefty. Best is to book it in a transport/flat bed which can be arranged by your showroom.
  12. Official teaser of the "Production version" of GLA has been released by Mercedes
  13. Q7 has been one of the oldest models in the Audi line up & now finally an all new i.e. 2nd Generation has been spotted testing; The test mules headlights have the same wave patter seen on the pre-facelift Audi A4 sedan. But seems more like a camouflaging technique. But Audi is expected to offer the latest Matrix LED system which we'll see on the A8 in a few days. Audi is suppose to use aluminum and carbon reinforced plastic to reduce as much as 350 kilograms off the current model's hefty body. Expected to be revealed late in 2014 Speculative Render; Source
  14. A3 looks like an A4, which is a good thing for people shopping for an entry level premium brand Also the engine line ups Globally are; - 1.4 TFSI develops 138hp and 250 Nm - 2.0 TDI develops 148hp and 320 Nm - 1.8 TFSI develops 177hp and 250 Nm ^ Pretty strong IMO & definitely will be a quick car
  15. Check out these Pirelli A/T's; Found this on an Indian website on Ecosport accessories page; http://www.gaadi.com...ort-accessories This setup looks much better & gives the ECOSPORT a true SUV stance.
  16. PerformanceAlloys has shipping to India ? Dont seem to be mentioned on their website though, id suggest email their sales guy directly for better response. ^ All the above tires suggested by you are "CAR" tires, Ecosport being a crossover/SUV i'd suggest something more rugged from the Yokohama stable, like the Geolander H/T or may be Bridgestone Dueler H/T
  17. @ BMWfanatic - Where are you importing your wheels from ? Any website ? Or you have a supplier friend ? Also regarding tires, id suggest look @ Michelin Defender series (they are ideal for small SUVs & crossovers) PS - Also note OZ & MOMO brand rims are available in India, Why import ?
  18. Surprised to see MotorBeam saying this SUV will be launched in 2013 (which means within 4 months) Lets wait & watch.
  19. Hey Prancing Horse, Great report & no need to say how lucky you are to be doing all this Only negative that it was a rainy day otherwise in dry conditions would have been more fun Thanks
  20. This is based on the new Octavia platform (MQB). And will target (possibly undercut) the Q3. Other likely direct competitors are Merc GLA & VW Tiguan to name a few
  21. Quite frankly i like it Especially the front 1/4 view Should eventually be green lighted
  22. The Skoda Snowman SUV is one of the six fresh new models Skoda plans to bring by 2015. The Snowman SUV will share its genes with the Tiguan as it will be positioned above the Yeti. It will be based on the MQB platform which is felxible enough to support a 4x4 system, though a FWD will be standard for the base models. Reports suggest that 7 seat config is also possible As the snowman will be positioned above Yeti, it definitely will cost > 20L price tag, which makes it an entrant into competition with the likes of Q3, Tiguan & the upcoming Merc GLA. The engine options are likely to be 1.4 Tsi & the 2.0L Tdi. It will be showcased around 2015 as a 2016 model. Also note: The snowman could also be called the 'Grand Yeti' Source
  23. Indeed ! Best bit is no toll on the freeway Thanks Prashant ! I use normal fuel, as the engine is compatible with 91 RON Hey, Thanks man, i agree with you the alloys are the USP in the looks department for the 328. Regarding 100 pcd alloys, which car are you talking about ?
  24. I hope u touched those speeds in a controlled environment or closed roads. But frankly doing 212 km/h in a BM is nothin, as a normal stock 320d would hit 230 km/h(with speedo error) also only 165 km/h in Q7 ? I'd suggest you explore the already "under utilized" stock performance of your car more before heading for any mods. Keep the streets safe