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  1. ^ Yes it was a 6 month warranty for an EVO The pricing was overpriced too, IMO < 40L would have been the sweet spot. The worst no M/T was available only the SST gearbox, such a silly move this. ^^ With all these it indeed dug its own grave.
  2. Tavera was selling good for its segment, it will be good to see it coming back in business. Cant say the same about the rest of the 2 products though
  3. Another render comes out showcasing design elements of the current CRV; Source: http://jp-cardesignc...ontent=FaceBook
  4. After the launch of the CLA, Merc has set high standards for itself in the design department I am sure Merc wont disappoint with the new C. Also IMO the new C looks like a downsized S Class.
  5. Latest render of the new C based on a recent spy shot; Source: http://www.worldcarfans.com/413061258744/2014-mercedes-c-class-rendering
  6. Few more spy shots; Source: http://www.worldcarfans.com/113061858942/lamborghini-gallardo-replacement-spied-for-the-first-time
  7. The much awaited Gallardo replacement is on its way & is code named LP724 The renders are as follows; And recently it was caught testing; Expected to be revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. Source: http://autofluence.com/lamborghini/lamborghini-cabrera-concept-spotted/
  8. Accidentally ? Looks like a planned leak The LED strip next to the fog lamps looks too aftermarketish, but im sure that will work for India
  9. Im afraid this time DC has got the interiors wrong (which was the only USP left in DC Design lately) The color schemes of red, black, wood trims & chrome bits look too forced. Whats with such an high positioning of what seems to be "cup holders" on the front arm rest ? Almost close to the drivers face, imagine hitting a pothole & the hot coffee spilling on the drivers face.
  10. The 1st render of the 2015 Cruze is out; Source: http://www.carscoops.com/2013/06/future-cars-chevrolet-cruzes-into-gear.html
  11. After the Shanghai debut pics i am kinda disappointed with these test mules majorly because of their stance. Look more like a hatch than a baby SUV. (Note the height comparo with the Camry)
  12. On the speedo will be 230 km/hr but actual as per spec sheet i.e. will be 218 km/hr, Speedo error
  13. Though this is just a facelift but a lot has changed & for the good ^ Think BMW should take lessons from Merc PS- Love the rims
  14. And now 2015 Facelift version spied for the 1st time; Source: http://www.worldcarf...-the-first-time
  15. I think VW Polo GT should start taking lessons from this move
  16. Why anytime after purchase ? Shouldnt the failure be covered in warranty ?
  17. The best options to consider are; Michelin Primacy LC Yokohama dB series or A Drives
  18. If its a Vdi it should be running on 14"ers How come are you talking about stock tires & 15"ers ?
  19. This car looks more like an MPV than a hatch.
  20. A Shorter version ? Thats gonna be highly unlikely, plus Anand Mahindra has already confirmed & excited about this car being an 11 seater (4 row seating); But im sure there will be an 3 row (8 seater) option available too for added luggage space & practicality. Note: Travel being offered for 2nd & 3rd row seats
  21. I somehow feel Nissan is a brand you can relate to being making SUVs more than Renault so may be also for that reason they can afford to price it higher. Regarding the pricing i feel anyway the Duster isnt available off the shelf & people were & are willing to pay a premium as high as 50k - 75k for immediate delivery (myself included i.e. before i bought the Scala) so theres no question about the sales of this variant as the demand is extremely high
  22. I remember posting in this topic about the Rodius & its here http://forum.autocarindia.com/index.php?/topic/9379-geneva-2013-cars-relevant-to-india/#entry146922 It definitely looks better than the previous gen.
  23. The dealership has said that my cars vin no. doesnt fall into the replacement list, however i have asked them to re-confirm the same.