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  1. Isnt this variant supposed to be called the GTD ? Source: http://www.autocarindia.com/News/323054,scoop-vws-polo-16-diesel-hot-hatch-on-its-way.aspx
  2. ^ I Kinda like it Also in the meanwhile Tunland based SUV is planned for late 2013 launch; Source http://indianautosblog.com/2013/05/foton-u201-suv-based-on-tunland-patient-leak-china-76877
  3. Thanks Rahul, The Michelin experience will be uploaded in the next couple of days. Yes, good thing you could understand the feeling i was trying to portray The Michelin / Tire upgrade write up will be uploaded shortly PS - Sorry for the late reply guys was out on a vacation
  4. Oops , kindly ignore the earlier image;
  5. Theres a bit of a confusion here, to clarify the A180 (diesel) is having the 1.8 L engine not the 1.5 K9K. The 1.5 K9K is only avaialble in the M/T Just checked the Mercedes UK website & heres the screenshot for the same;
  6. Seems an superchips ECU remap is already out for the 1.2 Tsi providing power bump by 20 HP & 40 NM torque, here's the map; Source: FB
  7. Enter : Michelin Pilot SUPERSPORTS Oh yes & they are STAGGERED; Report coming up shortly
  8. Sometimes looking at the Ertiga makes me feel the Enjoy is a handsome car & then having a second look at the Enjoy makes me think " how can this be handsome ???? " and again it sways back in Ertiga & goes on ......... Both are so boring to look at ! Even if practicality rules in some minds, but practicality cant be this boring to go for these cars
  9. OMG ! Yes they are simple in design Yes they are trustworthy Yes they are reliable Yes they are VFM & Yes they are manufactured in a responsible way, BUTTT " Good Design Award " ? ? ? They could have named the award something else, this is kinda misguiding. And to be honest the Dzire & the Ertiga are one of the ugliest cars available in the market today
  10. Launch date is not mentioned ?
  11. Anything < 25% of the powerband should be ideal .... but there is no definite set benchmark for the same as it may vary. Which vehicle are you talking about ?
  12. As per motoroids report countryman is launched @ 25.6 L Ex-Showroom Source: http://motoroids.com/news/mini-cooper-d-countryman-launched-inr-25-6-lakhs-to-be-assembled-in-india/
  13. Hey PlatzdaTurbo, What a great car you have there in your stable This is what an true blue AUDI should be like. Engine like the 3.0 Tdi put the QUATTRO to test & your A4 is an complete package. Congratulations on completing 3 successful years of ownership with your A4
  14. Also try to put some moth balls inside as well as outside the car & in the engine bay, as an unused car will be attracting rodent trouble.
  15. Sedans Tata Manza, Maruti SX4 Ddis, Chevrolet Sail & yes im sure the netas would love this; The Toyota innova
  16. I dont understand the importance of having the 2 series at all i.e. the coupe & convertible versions. they already have the 1 coupe to play with. YES, the 2 Gran Coupe looks stunningly aggressive & there is a need of it to compete with CLA & A3 sedan & will be tremendous value as it will be priced under the 3 series
  17. BMW is ready to start yet another segment in the form of 2 series. The 2 series will be available in the following forms; The coupe(F22); The Convertible(F23); ^ Spotted in Munich Gran Coupe; ^ Renders The 2 Series models will be built on the same RWD platform as the current 1 Series hatchbacks (F20/F21). SCHEDULE; The 2 Series will begin production in November 2013, as a 2014 model year. The 2 Gran Coupe will make it by around 2015 though and is expected to compete with the CLA & A3 sedan.
  18. This has become international news now; ^ A screenshot from an IRISH website Source: http://www.joe.ie/motors/motors-news/video-young-kids-causally-drive-a-e200000-ferrari-f430-0036433-1
  19. Truly a shocking sight !!! Though the control is good, though it 'may' be in a controlled environment but this is illegal & being an outlaw (even the elders/parents) If this Ferrari would have had a STICK shift it never would have happened. This shows the importance of reviving the manual gearboxes ! BTW, who are these kids ?
  20. man2705, The 2013 models are more value now as they are now offered with some features like the sun roof , hi fi sound system ( which was previously only available in the luxury + & 328i 2.5 L is decent enough .... GRAB IT You can squeeze more discount for an better BSI package
  21. Nor the Duster or Ecosport can accommodate 6 people. Only option you're left with is a Quanto & if you can ignore the SUV image then the Ertiga should be fine too.
  22. This is from Los Angeles, USA This is not the M4 as its a 4 door sedan so the M3 sedan. BMWs M4 (2 door) coupe is codenamed F82
  23. Its clear thst this is the new M3 as one can see the hood scoop and some nice big brakes. M3 will get a straight-six turbocharged engine, which is believed to produce somewhere around 450-horsepower, up from the current unforced-induction V8's 414hp. The same powertrain will be used on the two-door M4.