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  1. Exactly, thats why did'nt even try
  2. I agree regarding the tail lamps resembling the A6 I loved the car from every angle looks so composed. Also the new smoked Skoda logo looked class apart. Also note : The entire roof wasnt gloss Black, but only about 1/2 - 3/4th was, the rest bit was white (body colored)
  3. Saw the NANO DIESEL in flesh on Saturday on my visit to Tata Motors plant @ pimpri. Infact saw the car so close that the rear bonnet was popped up & could see the heart ^ no confusion here because i was told it was the NANO DIESEL The car i saw was wearing a new purple shade (should be offered in the upcoming facelift versions) Also saw a couple of more Nano diesels at the plant which were undergoing testing at the Pimpri plant. The Diesel definitely sounds better than the current petrol on offer. Expected launch date : Dec 2013 - Jan 2014
  4. Hey dr_nishu, Thanks for your views. Now we know almost everything about the Indian Ecosport other than a launch date
  5. Great, seems the Octavia MQB is slated for an surprisingly early launch BTW, last weekend en route to Pune i too spotted the new Octavia, here are the pics; The car looked stunning in white and very futuristic. Finishing was brilliant right from the smoked headlamps to the gloss black roof. Was standing next to the car for about 5 mins, was really exciting to touch & feel the car in flesh As i was clicking pics the driver came running and made me not take more pics. I had a small chat with him regarding the feel of the car & he said the car is much better now. The car was on the way to Chakan.
  6. Why did we not get this ? ^ The 2013 D Max Its OK we could have waited for a few more months but Auto manufacturers need to realize the importance of providing the current gen products for India
  7. Its very simple actually; If chauffeur driven : Superb (As more leg room on offer) If self drive : Passat (as it has the new 170 hp unit)
  8. Not much into bikes, but this one looks different & unique.
  9. Woah !!! The POLO gets TSI power. & 7 spd DSG is gonna be a game changer. Will make the current A/T's < 10L feel pre-historic
  10. I agree, no doubts it will sell coz of the above points. But just was thinking what if Honda had'nt offered a diesel motor in the Amaze ? It would surely wouldnt be much of a talk here. What i mean is that the Diesel motor is the hero here & not the Amaze
  11. I somehow dont like this product, im sure no one does ... Diesel motor is the only USP. But glad that Honda finally is starting its Diesel innings in India
  12. First the Swift D & now Ertiga D too !!! Why ? How ? What is Maruti upto this time ?
  13. I kind of like the new pic posted today by PranchingHorse. The car looks taller & more muscular with non body colored bumpers... Frankly i'd buy one of these & pray that the Front & back Logo/emblem get stolen
  14. LoL I Agree ... a 4x4 Quanto is pointless. But on a positive note, good to see the 4x4 Quanto wearing A/T Tires (Bridgestone Dueler A/T) as seen in the spy pic Where as the regular Quantos are running around on Normal Bridgestone rubber (see pic for reference);
  15. Turbo Lag & I LIKE IT; While driving on the EE Hwy/Mumbai Pune EE Hwy in Full Manual mode in 8th gear @ 80 km/hr. You press the pedal & then there is a feeling that yes the car wants to go on but is going to make you wait, then @ 100 the surge comes in typical of a Turbo (Infact the feeling reminded me of my Laura 1.9 PD which gave me similar response in 5th Gear @ 80 km/hr) & this lag was welcome. Mind you the 328is power delivery is absolutely linear no doubts on that. But sometimes driving the car at a slow pace in the full manual mode & the car making you wait for the turbo to kick in has its own charm. Whats the point of a TURBO if you wouldnt get that invisible surge of boost. PS - Still sometimes the thrills i get in my CRUZE (i.e. The wild nature of the TURBO kicking in) are unparalleled.
  16. If they could have been more creative in just showing them in the boot enjoying the ride I think they would have gotten away with it. But these ads are showing them them tied up & gagged which is majorly why the ads have been under spectrum.
  17. +1 to that If the co. makes good profit they dont need to cut corners to accommodate new products coz right now their creativity is focusing majorly on cost reduction. Yes, badge engineering is another form of cost reduction tool with almost no additional engineering cost. But badge engineering is totally different from platform sharing (Like a single platform can be used to make a hatch to sedan to may be an SUV too) whereas re-badging is of the same vehicle only. Yes, good to see TATA leading the way
  18. MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO !!! If one monkey does an action the other has to follow, Because the monkeys think thats the trend. Our Auto Companies are no different Its become a culture of copying each others products isnt it ? i Just to sight a few examples of where i think it all started ; INDICA to INDIGO was the 1st example i think of hatch to sedan conversion; Maruti to follow Swift to Swift Dzire Polo to Vento Fabia to Rapid Micra to Sunny Pulse to Scala & now Brio to Brio Sedan TOYOTA to mention here played it other way around by bringing the sedan 1st (ETIOS) & then the hatch ( LIVA ) ^ May see that happening to the FIESTA as well. Indica eCS compact sedan trend again led by TATA; Maruti Dzire CS ( selling now ) & older version selling as Dzire Tour Verito to Verito CS Vento to Vento CS Ford led the Compact SUV market with the ECOSPORT (launch still pending) Renault got the DUSTER ( great timing ) Mahindra led by MPV Xylo to Quanto conversion Tata working on Aria compact version too; VW working on Taigun ( may take a while for launch here ) Chevrolet planning to bring the TRAX & im sure every Automotive manufacturer is thinking about launching an compact SUV Maruti reworked the Ritz & the Swift to make a all new product the ERTIGA; Renault to bring in the LODGY against it FIAT planning to bring 500L Honda working on an Brio/Jazz based Ertiga rival too This may also be seen in the features provided in cars ^ I may have missed few examples but thought this would be good enough to kick start the discussion
  19. Engine oil is cheap, thanks to Renault's tie up with ELF
  20. Congo All the best for your delivery & keep us posted.
  21. Its good that they are in trouble ... these new age media agencies think that they can get away with anything & can pull off any ad ... Its high time some discipline is maintained.
  22. Another funny bit was that the Duster servicing cost @ 10,000 km is aprox Rs 3300-3500/- Whereas the Scala cost me about Rs 4800/- Funny coz both share the same engine block & same tune (85 PS)
  23. As expected the F10 M5 LCI spotted; The F10 M5 will receive light updates (headlight, tail-lights) & some changes on the lower rear bumper. Mechanically should remain unchanged.
  24. Update: 10,000 km service DONE; Service Cost : Rs 4,827/- Attached Bill copy for reference; Service Experience was overall satisfactory. My driver was present on the shopfloor throughout the service time span. His key observations were that the Renault service team was new & in-experienced. The high pressure washer had stopped working around lunch time & my driver was asked if it is OK to take the vehicle without washing (to which my driver refused). There were some Duster owners which were complaining about back pain while driving their Dusters.