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  1. I doubt this will help Force Motors because once a product bombs its very hard to recover, especially when the market is in doldrums. Force Motors should have launched a base version of this car in the first place at a competitive price.
  2. Hardly a refresh. Such tweaks are not going to impress anyone. SX4 was launched in 2007. It's time for a full model change now not something silly like this.
  3. Aria automatic is a good move from Tata. This could give it a USP and improve sales. There is no other MPV in the market with an automatic. It helps (Tata) that the Innova doesn't have an auto transmission as yet. The big question that remains unanswered is the fuel efficiency. wonder what that will be?
  4. Reminds me of the Ambassador Mk1 Mk2 Mk 3 Mk4 story. An ancient car kept alive by minor cosmetic changes. But who are we to judge. There are enough people buying the Omni in large numbers. With this model, Maruti is laughing all the way to bank as its fixed costs are all depreciated.
  5. Wow! Great to see Hannu the great coming for the event. He was awesome in the Audi Quattro in his hey day and simply unbeatable. Good to have this legend in India
  6. Welcome to the forum Robesh. Look forward to your insights on the super car scene in Bangalore.
  7. Amazing video. GHS certainly has the talent to drive and no other industrialist at his level comes close to his skills. But why doesn't GHS participate in motor sport? It's only when he's up against others on a racing track that we will know how quick he really is.
  8. I find this post quite pathetic and a sad case of grapes our sour by M&M. The fact is that the Duster is superior to the XUV500 - its as simple as that. Autocar has echoed what is the truth. If XUV500 has beaten the Duster then I guess there would have been allegations that Autocar was paid by M&M! Autocar comparison tests are the most objective and thorough in the business and the magazine has a reputation to protect. Also, I don't think any reputable auto company that would stoop to paying media. If there is a lack of integrity it is probably from those who put up such posts - they judge others by their own standards!
  9. Now since the Lancer is not on sale, Mitsubishi should re-position the Cedia so that it can compete well with the Sunny/Scala/Vento segment. Too bad that they stopped selling the Pajero SFX. If they price it in the band of Rs 14-17 lakh, it still has guts to give a tough fight to the newer SUV/MUVs.
  10. Very good pictures, especially from the show floor. For the first time I am seeing a Veyron, a Caddy and a Bentley on the same floor together!