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    hey the ad is really good.
  2. I'm happy for you, can't wait to read more of this review you have written.
  3. I guess the Splash is a copy man, the Vauxhall looks neat.
  4. Toyota does not want to release any of the Lexus brands in hurry but will take at least a year to launch them. It will launch LS 450 sedan first and later on LX 470 SUV. Surely, slow and steady wins the game!
  5. The Swift DZire looks gr8, could some1 upload an image...
  6. I am sorry to say this Although Scorpio is a good SUV but the Sumo is going to do better than it due to its superior design. Unless Scorpio improves on its sticking points.
  7. I think Bajaj should stick to making bikes doesnt look like the Lite is going to do very well.
  8. I checked out the mini SUV from maruti it looks alright . Have to get a test drive on it.
  9. Some are saying the Sumo Grande is going to be launched in Mumbai on the 1st and some say on the 4th feb . I guess no one knows the truth.
  10. The Scorpio is a good vehicle but it loses out on handling and braking.
  11. Well we are just going to have to wait and watch.
  12. The Dicor engine is the best one around.
  13. An SUV is not only safer but also more comfortable than a Sedan.
  14. The DICOR engine is no doubt one of the best in the market but I hope the Sumo Grande is more spacious than the Innova.
  15. The Innova hardly has any leg space in the last row it is really cramped up.
  16. Does the Sumo Grande have abs and airbags ???.
  17. I have heard that the Sumo Grande is going to be released on the 1st of feb in MUmbai but i think it is a rumor after all.
  18. The Sumo Grande should be faster compare to its competitors because of its light frame.
  19. I have heard rumours saying that the Sumo Grande is going to be launched in Mumbai on the 1st some say it is going to be released on the 4th of feb. I guess nobody really knows.
  20. Sumo Grande is the best followed by the Safari then Innova and finally the Scorpio.
  21. I think the new Sumo is way to posh for call centers.
  22. Are SUV's more fuel efficient or are Sedans ???.
  23. I dont mind paying an additional 3 to 5 k for extended 2 year warranty I think it is a very good deal.
  24. Hi Harryccc, Yes i am planning on buying a new SUV and since it is a big investment I do not want to make any mistakes so if you have any answers to my questions i will appreciate it thanks.