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  1. Its Sep 2013 Diesel E4 model. I don't know selling reason yet.
  2. Guys, I have a FIAT punto emotion pack D 2009 model and i am happy with the cars performance. However i want to move from hatchback to sedan. Recently FIAT new Linea was introduced and by looking in the pictures it seems promising and value for money as well, though i haven't seen it in reality. The diesel emotion will cost around 10lacs but i got a used Renault Fluence Diesel of Sep 2013 at around 10lac as well (the new model on road comes at around 18.5 lac). This car ran around 7000 KMS. Fluence was always in my mind because of looks n space,but it will be always out of my budget. Now Guys is it a good idea to go for this used Fluence? I haven't visited the dealer to review the car but i saw this in pictures and it looks brand new. I have no idea about the after sales service of Renault cars and also the spare parts price of Fluence. Also don't know about the readability of this car. I can only see that more and more Renault cars are coming in the used car market after 6 month to 1 year of usage!!! Why? i dont know. Experts please advice. Also If anyone in this forum owns Fluence or any other Renault car, please let me know your experience with the car's performance, Renault's ASS and Spare parts cost / availability. Thanks All. -Raj
  3. Dear All, Yesterday i visited the showroom and saw the car and I have noted down the following. Exterior: There was not a single scratch on the body! The car is in extremely good condition from outside. They are calming that the body paint was original company painted. When i saw the car it was like impossible to say that the car is 5+ yrs old! i saw 5/4 yrs old cars and all of them looks like that aged but this one totally different! I have noted one strange thing.. this car does not have any Chevrolet /Magnum Batch in the back. Not even the "LT" batch.. all clear!!! Only a Chevrolet logo and that's it. I have checked and found all Magnum Cars has "Magnum" /" LT/"TCDI" logo in the back... Guys whats your opinion?A recent body job done on the boot or Chevrolet forgot to put those batch ()!? Interior: Neat and clean that's what my first impression when i sat on the driver seat. All Leather seats in great condition. Dashboard clear with out a single scratch.Though leather on Gear Knob is almost gone . Rear portion is also clean and clear ( some of the body plastic parts are missing; those are cosmetics thing and not a major issue). Almost nominal outside sounds are coming inside the cabin. AC is good and effective within a min. The rear parking sensor is also working. Sound system is working with the Radio on and is ok to hear. Engine: Though i havent heard the the sound of a brand new optra magnum diesel engine but i am driving a diesel car and the Engine sound of this car is seems ok to me. However i saw black smoke is coming out of the engine! Do you know why the black smoke is coming out of the car? Any Idea? Dealer said that because this is a diesel car thats why and one mechanic says that the cars needs the change of engine oil. Whats your opinion? This car is coming with ABS and Airbag and no climate control because its a 2007 Aug model. The price tag is around 3Lac; i spoke with one of the chevy dealer in kolkata and they said that servicing can be done and spare parts are slightly expensive but availabel. I spoke with this car dealer and they said no mechanical/electrical work is required right now and Car is in good running condition. I could not able to take the test drive as heavy rain was started so i returned back to home. Though i will take the test drive later. Guys what do you think? Is it worth to buy? Anything else i need to check? Please advice. Thanks All....
  4. Hi Creativebala, Can u plz provide me the link? Its not there! Many Thanks.
  5. Hi librankur, Thanks for your reply. I got a 2007 make Optra magnum diesel. The car ran about 28000 and price is around 3Lac. So i just want to know the difference between 2007 Optra and current optra so that i can negotiate with the dealer on this and make these fittings in the car. Thank You.
  6. Hi Guys, Can anyone please tell me; is there any difference between Optra Magnum diesel LT 2007 and 2012 model (other than automatic climate control)? Any help will be appreciated. Thank You.
  7. Hmmmm may be you are right. They are asking very high price. I spoke with them and the last price they asked is 5lac! That's expensive for a 4+years old 2nd hand car. I have already removed this car from my list and now looking for FIAT Linea/Punto MJD Emotion pack (late 2009 manufactured).
  8. Hi Guys, I would prefer to go for diesel cars as it will always give you more resale value in India. If you spend xtra 1.5 lac in diesel u would be sure to get that return when you want to resale it. Recently i am searching for a 2nd hand diesel car and i found that diesel cars are selling like hot cakes! You do not need to wait to sale a diesel car; buyers will contact you for it!!! This is really surprising but its true. I own a 2000 make Fiat Uno Diesel car and still people are asking me to sell it (considering in mind that original spare parts are not available and u will not get any support from Fiat). This is not the matter how old car u have its matter which fuel its uses!!! Also diesel cars give u better mileage than petrol car. Now days i don't think diesel cars needs to visit service station very often. Its totally depends how better you handle the car and care it. In the near future ( 5 years down the line) petrol price may reach to 100 and diesel price may touch to 60. You will always save more money in diesel. CNG is a great option but in India its not available everywhere; its not only pocket friendly it will give a better environment to breathe but unfortunately till now govt did not not take a serious note on this. Best of luck!!!!
  9. Hi Keyrun, Thanks for your valuable opinion. First dealer is asking for 5.71lac and now they asked for 5lac rupees but they also asked me to visit their showroom for the best price (i assume it could be around 4.75lac). Is it over priced? what do you think? The car is in kolkata. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hi Guys, Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. Actually i am looking for only diesel car and i also got Optra Magnum diesel 2008 July LT model. The car ran about 33K and its also in good condition and it has been offered as Certified car through Mahindra First Choice but the problem is that dealer is asking very high price.Although negotiation can be done but its bit old around 4+yrs. Will it be a good choice? Please suggest. Thanks to all.
  11. Hello All, I got an used diesel Fiat Linea Emotion PK 2009 Feb model at the price of 4.5lac in kolkata. The Car is in good condition (not evaluated the mechanical part yet) and dealer said that they will complete all the necessary service prior to handover the car.the Car ran about 30K KMs. Now i have heard that Jan and Feb (2009) manufactured Linea cars had some mechanical defects! Is this true? Will this a good decision to buy this Feb 2009 model Linea? Please advice as i am very confused and also dont want to waste my hard earned money. Thanks for your help.