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  1. I think a 1.2 TSI Polo is the closest we will get to the Polo R. Love those wheels on the Polo!
  2. Renault clearly has big plans for India and especially after tasting success with the Duster, their confidence is on a new high. Although they have been successful in the recent past, Renault would need to take up the gauntlet and toughen up to enter the ultra competitive 3 lakh rupee segment.
  3. The Aventador itself looks absolutely stunning! The convertible version takes it even further, its just so sublime! I am going to be a tad adventurous and say this might just be the best looking car on sale everywhere today.
  4. Hi, Most tuners and enthusiasts seem to concentrate primarily in modifications pertaining to the engine. There are a lot of articles in forums that would explain engine mods quite well. The area of suspension and brakes seem to be still in its nascent stage. Considering we use these components far more often than flat out performance, people need to concentrate on these aspects a little more. It would be nice to have a small guide to aftermarket suspension and brakes. Does anyone have any info? Cheers
  5. I agree with AMG1, but then Americans tend to over dramatize things. Anyway, this stingray has some really big shoes or lets say wheels to fill.
  6. The increase in performance is probably a placebo effect. Unless you swap your manifold for specifically calculated and designed headers, the performance gains are as good as non existent. As for the lack of an air filter, you might face corrosion on the engine internals due to grainy particles. I would recommend putting the filter back in, Cheers
  7. According to reports, Swedish luxury car maker said it is conducting a feasibility study on setting up car manufacturing facilities in emerging economies, including India, as it targets to nearly double its global sales to 800,000 units by 2020 from present 440,000 units. Source : What are your views on this?
  8. Ramesh has covered the pros and cons of both fuels quite well. Pricing apart, I personally prefer how the modern diesels drive especially on the highways and in 'ghat' sections. The stronger lower end results in better drivability in these conditions. For users who operate their cars mostly in the city limits, a petrol car would definitely be better suited on all fronts. Getting back to the price rise, I believe it would dent the sales of smaller diesel hatchbacks and sedans.
  9. After enjoying the success of the Ertiga and the new Dzire compact sedan, Maruti wants to try and push the sales of its 'Blue eyed boy'. This website has done a news article with a picture that displays some subtle changes carried out to the front of the car. The question is, will a minor face lift be sufficient? Hopefully, the face lifted car will come with the DDIS engine as an option. Link to the story :,maruti-readying-wagon-r-update.aspx
  10. Looks quite decent. It could be used to plug the gap between the FZ and the R15 in Yamaha's portfolio.
  11. Hi, Out of the above mentioned cars, the swift would definitely be the best buy when it comes to your priorities. The punto is a very decently built car but has been marred by FIAT's after sales service issues. Practically, the swift (especially in diesel form) is a capable all round car and with Maruti's A.S.S being second to none, there is not much to worry about.
  12. FIAT seems to have had some grey cloud following it in India for the better part of the decade now. Its going to be difficult to change the average car buyer's perception towards the brand. FIAT needs to take the business potential of the Indian market very seriously and go the extra mile in marketing and supporting their products. That being said, the brand has a lot of experience world over and if it really puts its head to it, things should definitely look up for them.
  13. Since brand value is not an issue for me, the Vitara seems to be a better package overall. Might inspire me to leave the tarmac at times as well!
  14. The swift is one of the better Maruti Suzukis to have rolled into India which also makes it a decent used buy. In case you are not too confident of your judgement about the condition, its best to take a trusty mechanic along. Also, check under the hood for the condition of the engine oil and other fluids such as coolant and the brake oil for a quick and rough estimate of how the owner has maintained the car. In case the car has genuinely done 37,500 kms, the engine should be in top shape. Since a 2006 car is nearly 7 years old now, 3 lakhs is slightly expensive and try negotiating further. All the best!
  15. For all the Ken Block fans in here, Ford presents 'Snow Khana one'. This stop motion frivolity will definitely (fuel)inject the Christmas spirit into your inner petrol head. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Cheers, Aditya
  16. You could get a fairly decent used Alto in case running and maintenance costs are in your list of priorities. Else, a used lancer/type 2 OHC, ikon etc will definitely fit the 1.5L budget. Overall, I'd personally recommend the lancer for its comfort and decent ride quality.
  17. The mentioned face lift should help draw in a 'younger' TG
  18. Some more pictures from the show.. A Nano on Acid.. Some more Lambos Some goodies from the Audi stall A SLS AMG signed by Schumacher and Rosberg that will be a part of the AMG Driving Academy at the Buddh International Circuit Some More Germans.. The new mighty M5 On the track...
  19. Porsche was firing on all cylinders at the 2012 performance show. They had the largest display area and was complete with the whole line up on display. They have recently changed their distributors and the new guys definitely mean business. The new 911 The new Boxter S The new Panamera Diesel The new Cayenne GTS
  20. Let me start of by posting a picture of a car i'm quite a fan of.. The Aventador in Matt Black. More pictures to follow soon.. And a gallardo super trofeo in white..
  21. If they market it aggressively, I can see the new bare bone Aria grabbing at some of Mahindra's sales. TATA hasn't been up to the mark with their SUV/MUV sales in recent times and hopefully, this might change a few things for them.
  22. Modern scooters tend to hold up quite well without one having to pro actively keep looking after them too much. Just keep an eye on the engine oil levels once every few weeks and get it serviced according to the scheduled and you should be fine. Congratulations on your buy, ride safe and always wear a helmet. Cheers PS : Which one did you get?
  23. Apart from what every one else has already mentioned, try a different fuel station if you haven't already and there might be an off chance that your injectors are clogged. Also, driving style is the largest variable that determines FE. Try driving with a lighter foot and keep the car between 1500-2500 revs as much as possible. Cheers
  24. @nishu : The wave of torque post the tuning box is quite addictive! I haven't modded any other components such as brakes or tyres yet. The stock tyres and brakes seem to do just fine. I'll put up some pictures and possibly a small video if possible in the next few days... Cheers