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  1. Honda Civic Sport-Launched

    The civic does look good.
  2. Need urgent help in buying a new car.

    I do agree with octane_100 i would also prefer the fiesta, However Asif what have you decided.
  3. Need urgent help in buying a new car.

    SX4 mileage wont be above 8-9km in the city,as a cousin of mine has one,its all plasticky and the car rattels at high-speeds,I would suggest you out of the options youhave choosen the Ford Fiesta 1.6S will be a good choice and complete value for money and the performance will give a run for money over sx4 and verna,the 1.6S duratec engine is very very quick responsive and torquey,over-all the car have sporty feel which lacks in many of our indian sedand,I agree with the members about the ford A.S.S. but again it depends on how wel you build up a relation with your service guys.AFAIK the ford fiesta is completely built in India and till my knowledge the spares and body parts are almost same as in its segment.Hope this info helps you in making the correct decesion,simple idea is Test Drive all the cars if possible and then listen to your heart.... cheers AK
  4. Hi guys, last week i saw the new adv. of the new ford fiesta with the sporty looks, i called up Ford to enquire about the car, and if they can arrange for a TD, they said they will confirm and call me up in sometime. After approximately 30mins i received their call on when do I want the car for TD they can arrange it, I opted for Saturday as my dad would also get a chance to see the car, finally on friday i again got a call for confirming my TD and it was positive, hmmm for sure the Ford
  5. It finally happened! I test drove the Sumo Grande. So is all the hype worth it? I believe it is, for sure. Most of us have approached the Sumo Grande while still harbouring painful memories of the Sumo Victa. But, with the Victa as a previous reference point, the Grande has soared to greater heights. I was quite overwhelmed by the sheer size of the Grande. Somehow it looked smaller at the Expo, but on a Mumbai road, it
  6. Swift DZire launched from Rs 4.49 lakh

    cool pics dude, thanks.
  7. Build your Tata Nano

    I guess they will be a long waiting period, if they have bookings online. katalysm762008-03-28 14:58:49
  8. Faulty handbrakes in Honda Civics in the UK

    Honda is a good brand, i hope they replace the handbreak for the customer.
  9. Pulsarmania

    Not into bikes alot, but after this one i would like to own this bike.
  10. ANy idea bout dese launches??

    The Toyota Fortuner will be launched in Feb 2009 & Avante will be launched in July 2008 and price will be between 10 to 11 lacs.
  11. Best Sedan for Rs 6 Lacs

    Sorry about that Rohit, Just to happy about the TD & would love to TD the Scorpio m - hawk ... thay say its good.
  12. Lexus to be launched in India

    Thanks for the link Viktheram
  13. Suzuki Splash & Vauxhall Agila

    they both look the same.
  14. Best Sedan for Rs 6 Lacs

    The Dzire is will be good for the 6 lakh, but if he can go up on cost, the tata grande is also good since i took a test drive. The cost is about 7.84 lakh ex- showroom. http://talkingabouttorque.wordpress.com/
  15. Lexus to be launched in India

    Its will be gr8 if the Lexus comes to India
  16. Swift DZire launched from Rs 4.49 lakh

    http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/2008/03/27/images/2008032751310301.jpg how a look at the image vikram
  17. After Steel Industry now its Indian Auto industry

    Thats just gr8 TATA's ...i think they have improve their product, like the other day i too the TD for the Tata grande, its much better than the sumo. i've written a review if u guys would like to chk it out..... http://talkingabouttorque.wordpress.com/
  18. Battle of the SUV's

    Safari,Innova,Safari,Tavera,Scorpio,Sumo Grande. Who do you think is the best of these?
  19. new pajero sfx

    looks good, n its for 18.81 lakhs. katalysm762008-03-18 13:09:13
  20. Battle of the SUV's

    I guess they have tried making the tata grande look like the innova or scorpio.
  21. A googly from China via Kolkata?

    ya it look like the modified martiz.
  22. Modification to ZEN for speed run!!!

    how much do to think the door will come for, and will they help in performance.
  23. PALIO Stile Diesel vs MARUTI SWIFT VDi

    The palio has an italian styling which is better than the swift and its more its more powerful.
  24. GRANDE PUNTO - Price & Launching Date????

    The car looks good, it will be gr8 if its for 6 lakhs.
  25. Confused.. To Buy Or Not To Buy.. ?

    you could go in for the Honda City Vtec Plus which is 9.30L or if you can wait go for the jetta.