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  1. I find it hard to choose between the i10 and the suuzuki sx4
  2. Nice pics man. These cars make the cars from our expo look primitive.
  3. What i reason is that since all the bad guys get the "fast and furious" type cars the cops should have cars that hulk over them.Something to match the ferocious image of the Indian cops would be a monster truck at best.If not we can always make do with the Indian road biggies like the Qualis,Sumo,Safari,etc.
  4. For a brief coverage of the expo check out my blog http://talkingabouttorque.wordpress.com/
  5. I agree with rssh, the Sumo Grande can beat the Scorpio anyday.
  6. If you guys want more info about the Grande you can check out my blog.It has some pictures and info on it.I was there at the Auto Expo in Delhi when it was unveiled http://talkingabouttorque.wordpress.com/
  7. The cost for the Tata Sumo Grande is in the range of 6.5 to 7.5 Lakhs,depending on which variant you choose.
  8. All hail the Tata's -not only for managing to make a 1Lakh car but also for making it real good.People may say it has too many drawbacks, but i disagree. I think it is the perfect car for the growing Indian nation.
  9. I think the Americans are jealous of us.I don't think they could have pulled of what the Tatao company did - building a good car for so cheap.Let me be even more frank - it is an excellent car for the given price tag.
  10. The pricing for the Sumo Grande as far as I know will be 6.5 to 7.5 Lakhs.In this range come the three variants -Lx,Ex,Gx.However ill have to get backto you on the Mumbai prices as I don't know them yet.
  11. Hatch - Alto , WagonR , Santro , Zen , Swift , , Palio , indica ETC Sedans- Esteem,Fiesta,Ikon,,City,accent,Optra,Civic,Corrolla,Accord, ETC Estates - Indigo Marina , Palio Adventure and Corsa Swing ETC MUV- Innova, Scorpio ,Sumo Grande,Etc SUV- Safari , CRV , Grand Vitara ETC
  12. With a budget of 7-10 lakhs you can afford to buy something sturdy and luxurious.I would suggest you wait till the month of February and check out the New Sumo Grande.might jusst be the thing you are looking for.
  13. A good time to buy new cars would be in the month of February when a whole line of new cars which were shown at the Auto Expo (Such as the Sumo Grande) will be launhed.
  14. If you are looking for a small car for tall people I suggest you have a look at the Nano.Although it seems rather small it is quite spacious from the inside and I think it would accomodate your family easily.
  15. With a budget of 6-7 lakhs you could buy the Sumo Grande in February.It would easily bear the stress of driving in a big city and it would give you excellent mileage too.
  16. The new Sumo Grande is a very fuel efficient car for the SUV category with a mileage of 16-20 kmpl of diesel.To buy this car you might have to stretch your budget by say 50k-1L.I don't think you would be disappointed by it.
  17. If you have the patience to wait till the month of February you might be pleasantly surprised by the Sumo Grande. It's 2.2 dicor engine gives you 16-20 kmpl to the liter of diesel.And with a price range of 6.5 to 7.5 lakhs it could be fit into your budget.
  18. Have a look at new Nano if the small car is what your looking for.It fits comfortably in your budget without cutting out any of the necessities of a small car.
  19. The new Sumo,the Grande, is a very good car.It is a huge improvement on the old Sumo design.It was unveiled at the Auto Expo in Delhi.Check out my blog for details about it http://talkingabouttorque.wordpress.com/
  20. Instead of going in for the Scorpio you could go in for the Sumo Grande, the other BIG car that Tata launched besides the Nano at the Auto Expo.It is in the same price range and comes with a lot of new features including a 2.2 dicor engine and it gives 16-20 kmpl to the liter.
  21. My favorite at the expo would be Tata Sumo Grande.That car took me by surprise.I had gone there with the rest of the world to be impresseed by the wonder car that is the Tata Nano,but I was fairly impressed by the Grande.
  22. Have a look at the new Tata Sumo Grande if you are looking for SUV's. It's sturdy,reliable and seems well within your budget with a price tag of 6.5-7.49 lakhs.
  23. I was at the Auto Expo this year.I got to see some mind blowing stuff and some disappointing stuff.I covered it all in my blog http://talkingabouttorque.wordpress.com/ Have a look!
  24. The Tata Sumo Grande is not only a massive improvement over the old sumo (Tata have thrown out the old blueprints and started from scratch on this baby) it also seems like it could give all the other cars in its category (Tavera,Safari,Innova and Scorpio) a run for its money.With sleek looks,spacious interior,light frame and roaring 2.2lt Dicor engine and 120 bhp it leaves all other far behind. Three Cheers for the Grande!!!