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  1. Hatch - older zen Premium Hatch - fabia Sedan - City Premium - Camry SUV - Sumo grande Premium - Cayenne
  2. Ok will keep that in mind.
  3. I heard that when Pratibha patil goes around she does so in one of 17 identical sumos with the same license plate which always travel in line.
  4. What other parts are exempt from warranty?
  5. Finally someone besides schumi.
  6. That still doesnt answer how much mileage they get to the liter.
  7. Take a test drive of the grande before you settle on the scorpio.I think it would be worth it.
  8. I don't think the cerva could replace the alto.
  9. I heard the bookings started in Delhi on the 27th of January and in Kerela on the 7th of february.
  10. The scorpio does seem a bit bulky compared to the Grande.
  11. All the rows in the New Sumo Grande have plenty of leg space.In comparison to the Innova,Safari,scorpio it has the most leg space.
  12. Yes diesel SUV are the best way to go.Plus they have higher resale value.
  13. I've been looking forward to test driving the Grande ever since I saw it at the Auto Expo in Delhi earlier this month.
  14. Also the new 2.2 dicor engine seems to be making waves.The safari is hown good promise with this engine,I guess the new Sumo grande will be just as good.
  15. I think because of the dicor 2.2 engine both the safri and sumo will be good performers.
  16. It is also ideal for off the road terrains.
  17. I just heard a rumour that the bookings for the Grande will begin in Mumbai on the 4th of February.
  18. I think the M hawk is so-so.The grande is the superior car.
  19. A lot of Tata's early cars were not all that pleasing to eye,but I have now realized that with each new car the looks get better and better.
  20. If what people say about the quality of the Tata cars is true,I wonder why one million units got sold?
  21. I wonder if guys who drive around if Ferraris and Lamborghinis wonder how much mileage they get?
  22. Yes Nittsmehta,you should give the Sumo Grande a test drive before you decide.Might be the perfect car for you.
  23. That I agree on Viktheram,these guys at Tata take no shortcuts to their sucess.In the few years that they have been manufacturing cars they have made quite a name for themselves.
  24. Anyone know what the top speed on the Scorpio ,safari and sumo grande is?