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  1. Women will find the Nano to be a big benefit.Instead of travelling in crowded public transport vehicles or rickshaws for that matter they can travel in comfort in this car.I'm sure the women on this forum will agree with me.
  2. Nano is India's contribution to the automobile world.I don't think there has ever been such a nice car for so cheap in any country.
  3. With the new Sumo launched the sub-10 lakh suv segment is already heated up,a new Safari would put some sizzle into it.
  4. Why is the clutch excluded from warranty?
  5. Does'nt anyone think Tata's deserve any credit for their sincerity and good business ethics.
  6. I think the sales of all other small cars will reach abysmal levels after the launch of the Nano,because the Nano with the limited release will still attract more attention than expensive cars.
  7. I don't think that mileage will be affecting sales of high end cars.Come on,If you can afford the car I am sure you can afford the fuel to go with it.
  8. According to me the cars should be : Sumo Grande Fiat Palio Diesel and the Nano for the hype it generated
  9. I agree with pryas ,the Safari is a superb car I know ,I own one.I think the new Sumo Grande will make headway on this thread before soon.Tata is touting it as the ultimate urban SUV.
  10. Nowadays diesel is preferred by people for the above reasons alone.
  11. Don't they have a law against the reverse horn decibel levels?
  12. Do you guys think mahindra can size up to Maruti and Tata in manufacturing?
  13. I have heard that Tata is only going to let people who have a monthly earnings of less than 15k buy this car.
  14. I don't see the point in owning a cramped luxury car or a cramped SUV.Its ok to own a cramped maruti 800 because there is only so much you can get for a a couple of lakhs.
  15. I found those pics on the internet,i had no idea they were from the pimpri plant.
  16. What you are looking for is Suv's .Any other information you can tell us about the type of car you want?
  17. You should go in for sumo grande as it fits your needs and is a very good car.
  18. I think chevy is doing that because their products aren't all that good.
  19. Your list seems pretty sound mr>Anandch
  20. Does no one besides me think that the Sumo Grande deserves some mention?
  21. The tat's do have a long standing history of customer commitment.
  22. Selling to the brits sounds like a good idea,they do have a taste for whacky cars.Plus it might help their economy to have small cars .
  23. I can't believe the Maruti 800 now sells 6,000 units a month.That's a lot for such an old car.
  24. I say go for the Grande ,it's one amazaing car.
  25. The nano on the platform of the Tata Ace,Does'nt seem all that far fetched.