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  1. I agree with sgiitk when he says the best way to reduce practice is competition.Thanks to the Nano ,you can now buy a cheaper Maruti 800 because the Nano has not yet entered the market.
  2. Even I am waiting to test drive the Sumo ,I wonder If anyone from Delhi has?
  3. Don't know about the Mumbai bookings but according to what I know the Sumo Grande is already available in Delhi since the 27th and in kereala in the month of February mostly on 7th of February
  4. The sumo grande comes with abs and child lock,about the crash test I simply do not know.
  5. I guess you are right viktheram, tata has been producing quality SUV's since the first Sumo rolled out way back in '94.One only has to see the grande to see how much they have improved.
  6. Any news when it is coming out?
  7. Wonder how long the Nano will last before someone else starts to nail it's coffin.
  8. The Sumo Grande ,no way your cds will skip with that baby.
  9. Well I cant tell you how they sound cause I havent driven one yet.This car has speakers in the door and comes with an alpine music system with usb.
  10. hold on dude,2 weeks to go.
  11. Diesel is the way to go.In the diesel range the New Sumo grande is the best.
  12. Hi Viktheram Try the new Sumo Grande.It will be out in 2 weeks time so you can test drive it then.I beleive you won't be disappointed.
  13. No dude,Sumo Grande is way better than the Scorpio.If yoiu don't believe me check out the Sumo for a test drive when it releases in two weeks time.
  14. sorry mate got side tracked.Say we take the entire spectrum of Indian cars ..Ambi to Nano.How would you go about precisely pointing out which one is the least fuel efficient?
  15. what bout safety innovations?braking,abs????
  16. maybe i should have left shumi out to be fair to the rest of the drivers!!!
  17. Yeah a closed vehicle with 4 tyres is way better than a open vehicle with 3 tyres.
  18. Worlds cheapest limo....something to ponder upon.
  19. Ringtones for cars is a nice idea,wonder what caller tune my car will have?
  20. I think Tata should think of marketing the nano to all third world countries.He should set up seprate plants to manufacture these if necessary.
  21. Diesel is a good option as it costs so much less than petrol.
  22. total of seven shades.Ill get back to you on what they are.
  23. try the Sumo Grande.It will soon be launched on the market and is proper for your needs.
  24. 2 years or 75k km whichever comes first