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  1. I didnt know Lee Iacocca was in the car industry ,will definitely read the book now.
  2. Doesnt look all that great,grande sumo is much better in comparison.
  3. 18 ford endavours (white) 7 Maruti gypsy (police) 2 swaraj police truck and lastly A FIRE TRUCK!!!!!!! way too much for one man,does the president even have so many?
  4. airbags and abs are definitely there. Child lock and central locking too.
  5. The safari is a sweet car, very nice.I love this one.
  6. Are they more fuel efficient because of the ethanol mix?
  7. Thanks for the info sgiitk,very useful.
  8. Which of the Suv's are the safest?
  9. I think manufacturers should put in both airbags and abs in all cars regardless of type.Both are essential safety features.
  10. Why are the taxes so high?Does the government use the money to keep itself in power or something?
  11. It's releasing on the 27th in delhi and on the 7th of Feb in Kerela.
  12. I say sell the merc ,buy a whole fleet of Nanos
  13. I read its releasing in delhi on the 2th and kerela on the 7th of feb.
  14. Read it will be out in the last quarter of this year.So long to wait!!!
  15. Not only colleges,everywhere can you imagine lakhs of these little cars going around.
  16. katalysm76


    I believe safety should be the primary concern,Jaan bachi to lakho paye
  17. A sedan Nano sounds like a sound idea ,I wonder if Tata is reading this post.
  18. Do you think that with suitable modifications the Tata's will be able to export it to First world countries?
  19. Arent the Indian companies as good as the japanese at execution of warrantys?
  20. Your right some cars that are from the SUV category are also cramped ,what I think is that one should have comfortable seating if one is going to pay so much.take the Grnde for example,it has the most room for the 2nd and third row for any car in its category.
  21. From what angle does the rear look bus type?
  22. I know what you mean that stretch of road is kinda bad.I think the Grande would be able to give a better ride than the Innova.
  23. Sound like a good idea if they can launch it under 7 lakhs,but why would one go for a mini SUV that costs less than 7 lakhs when you can buy a full size like the Sumo Grande for the same price.
  24. I f the rick guys upgrade to Nano's then we will have taxis that are Nano's and Taxi's that are'nt Nano's.
  25. Ok,let's see what you guys think of the track record of the fuel efficiency by company i.e. which company produces the least fuel efficient cars.