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  1. katalysm76

    One lakh car

    Maybe Ratan Tata might pull off getting the on road prices to one lakh exactly.If he got the Nano out I am sure he can pull this off too.
  2. You say that there is no toll at night ,so what do you mean when you say that peak hour travelling has four times the night toll. 4X free = FREE. Please rephrase.
  3. katalysm76

    Best MUV

    The grande is really an excellent car from the loks of it,but I guess we'll only know when it lands on the roads,right?
  4. Kids nowadays get call centre jobs in the vacation or get part time jobs during college doing promotions and stuff.Obviously with such a salary one cant expect to own any other car except the ones that are priced like the Nano.
  5. The other post was for best suv overall.This one is for finding out the best one to operate on city roads.For example my safari is good overall but on city roads it leaves me wanting for more.
  6. So which brand is consistent in quality in the SUV segment?
  7. I remember reading about a car run completely on ethanol.does anyone have any info on that?
  8. Is the petrol cars who suffer from bad fuel efficiency or the diesel cars?
  9. is the Nano cramped or is it spacious compared to the 800?
  10. I made a mistake while posting,in place of the question i put in mahindra,which was one option.sorry
  11. I was shocked the other when a friend of mine told me he got his license by not even giving the test,instead he just gave the cop 100 bucks and got it done.
  12. I thought senna was the best but his carrer was tragically cut short.After him there is schumi.
  13. I dont think the Fortuner will release till next year.
  14. katalysm76

    Best MUV

    I love my safari,but I think the new Tats Sumo grande will be making headway in this category.
  15. katalysm76

    One lakh car

    I read somewhere that in order to reduce prices further the company will be sending the car to dealers in a kit form,something they can assemble themselves,thus reducing the prices
  16. Looks kind of funny,but then again a mini SUV will.
  17. I think they are both important but ABS should take priority on ones list.As for airbags,i guess you would end up ok if you seat belts.
  18. Does anyone agree with this survey?
  19. I think Maruti Udyog should have been retained as the companies name?
  20. The era of the 800 has passed,long live the Nano!