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  1. In the middle east they have laws that dont permit trucks on certain roads at certain times and not at all on some others.It should have been done the same way with the expressway.
  2. I recently read that the general secretary of the Mumbai taxi union was going to write to Tata motors to permit them to buy atleast 5000 Nanos a year.They intend to phase out the old premier padminis.I wish the rickshaw union would also start using nanos.I'm truly fed up of ricks
  3. Its really painful,these reverse horns,I have been woken on more ocassions than one by a TITANIC theme reverse horn.Thats the least .....I have heard christmas carols all year round thank to these nuisance reverse horns.
  4. The Grande is by my guess one of the best cars in the SUV category,more family friendly than any other SUV.Am thinking of trading in my Safari for this baby.
  5. How come the makers of the amby did not have better foresight to make stronger seat belts?
  6. I think the boot space might make all the difference for the Nano.People are getting a small car that can carry sizeable luggage.What else can they ask for.
  7. I have a safari 2.2 and I totally stand behind this baby.
  8. I would say go for the safari rishirich27.Tata is definitely better quality than skoda.Check out the new Sumo grande if you have any doubts about Tata's quality.
  9. Even with all safety features in place what matters is the way people drive,and on the roads size does matter.Trucks have size as an advantage and the drivers too are rash.Anyone who has made the trip from Mumbai to Goa can testify.Bikes have almost no safety,all the rider has going for him is the helmet he wears.
  10. I think the Amby was the worse,but at that time people were starved for choice werent they?
  11. I agree with viktheram,the Tata 2year/75,000 km warranty is pretty good for a Suv.
  12. I would say Tata is the best in Indian companies,maruti comes a close second.
  13. Spares are a big problem when used cars.That is why I don't buy cars that have been in production for more than 3 years.
  14. How come companies don't spot these flaws during their tests?It costs them a hell lot of money to recall cars or to replace them.If I rember Mercedes had to recall some car because it had some safety flaws.Anyone remember which model?
  15. Who do you think is the best F1 racer of all time?Sorry I couldnt add any more.These guys are the best I could think of.
  16. My car isnt perfectly me.The only one that will be is the Austin 52'
  17. it's a nice car nonetheless,I think it was an integral part of the Indian landscape when it was the queen.
  18. i agree with rssh, the sx4 lxi will make a cool looking cab.
  19. I think they should stop manufacturing autos and phase out their use.Now that the Nano is here who needs autos.
  20. damn bad thing to happen to you dude.But what can you do,that's the state of things in this country.