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  1. Th phantom is one sweet car.What will they use it for besides taxing customers from place to place?
  2. Which,according to you guys,is the best innovation in the automobile industry?
  3. I have heard from friends that the state of Motor schools in Mumbai is apalling.Does anyone have any stories to share?
  4. Which car do you think is the most cramped?Being specific,which car seems it would be very spacious from the outside but is rather small from the inside.?
  5. Which car do you think/know to be the least fuel efficient of all the cars in the Indian market?
  6. Everyone knows that the sheiks' oil wont last forever.All we can do is hope that someone comes up with a better alternative before we use up all the oil for getting from a to b without using it for other more useful purposes.I think the hydrogen cell is the most promising alternative fuel source.What do you guys think.
  7. I think the biggest segment in their customer base will be college kids and bpo employees.Nano's are affordable for both segments insatantly.
  8. Ratan could have picked a name that paid homage to his illustrious grandfather JRD.
  9. Has the Grande launched on the roads of Mumbai?
  10. How long do you'll think the Nano will survive.Im talking about the life span of an individual car and also whether it will be around like the 800 still is.
  11. But if the Nano replaces the rick and not the taxi will it still not lead to disparity in sizes of public transport.What I mean is that the ricks are nuisance because they are so many and can fit into tight spots where cars can't go.Just Imagine that we would have four tyred rickshaws instead of three tyres?Would it not be better to replace ricks and taxis both with the Nano.
  12. Hey nice joke Viktheeram, I hope Ratan Tata sees it some day
  13. Looks like the nano is going to have some heavy "lite" problems
  14. red or black both look neat on this baby.
  15. i say the escort was the best.
  16. Before long the Sumo Grande will sneak in to this list
  17. i suppose the nano will make it to the list before long.
  18. Surely you're talkiing about the 08 auto expo?
  19. Tata has a strong tradition of delivering quality,viktheram,and they havent disapointed yet. I'm betting the nano shows more quality than the Maruti 800.
  20. Would love to see Ford or Gm or any other US company pull off a nano in the Indian Market.
  21. buy the nano,sell the mer (just kidding)
  22. So many cars to choose from,so little time to test drive. By the way nice pics man
  23. Why are there no uniform seat belt laws in India? Firstly all cars should be equipped with seat belts-If you don't have them,go get them.
  24. What I've always wondered is how cars get their name.I am highly intrigued by the name Nano. Anyone know how it got the name and why?