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  1. Hi I want to buy a gear less scooter. Budget is about 60k. Will be used in Mumbai to get groceries from markets on weekends, running small errands.. you get the gist. Odometer wont cross 100km a month. Shortlist: Honda Activa normal one/i/125 (And what all variants have they lunched?!) Hero Maestro Yamaha Alpha TVS Jupitar Now my problem is, they all seem exactly the same! All ~110cc (Except Activa125). Similar styling. Same tech specs. Basically same spartan features. Similar fuel economy. I really don't care about alloy wheels or disc breaks (and any similar stuff) if they don't improve ride or handling. And price difference between all is not more than 1k-1.5k And after what time after booking would I receive delivery? (Asking because I've heard infamous 12 month waiting period in activas...) HELP!! Thanks
  2. Hi I am wondering why people don't drive go karts type automobiles... I mean they fun to drive. A 10 year old can drive one. Light weight so decent-good fuel economy. Better safety standards than scooters and motorcycles. Gets you from point A to B hassle free. Easy maintainance (Of course, here are hardly any parts to maintain). Available for as little as $250. High end ones that seat two with like 300cc engine and roll cage still cost less than an Activa. Lightweight and not-so-high speeds so IF I try to run over someone, won't break a bone. So my questions are: 1. Is it legal to own one and drive on public roads. If not, WHY!? I am guessing if autorickshaws are legal, go karts should be too. 2. People dont drive em because image problem? 3. Will they be good for city driving? Why not? (I have driven en only on purpose built tracks) Anyone owns one? Ownership experience please. Thanks
  3. Ouch! Current Sonata is beautiful. I dont understand how Hyundai managed to take such a good design and ruin it! I mean look at the silver strip on the bonet with logo. What are Hyundai designers thinking?
  4. Why not develop an SUV? Porsche faced similar criticism when they introduced Panamera and Cayenne. Both products have done well and Porsche is still a reputed and desirable brand However going by the pictures, IT LOOKS PATHETIC. Completely unappealing. Bentley should take lessons for Lamborghini (Read : Urus) or Porsche who have developed really striking desirable SUVs while preserving the brand identity. Yes I know this is just rendering, still.
  5. True that. But I guess one major issue is their length...too long for daily city use. Another is that carmaker manufacture them only for commercial market as of now. Too crude for private use. They need to grow up!! But if there is a pickup truck that can seat 5 and still has good boot space, costs around 15-16 lakh with same amount of features like XUV, it will be really awesome.
  6. Hi There is a yellow and grey car that looks like Bolero and appears in Mahindra's Live Free ad. Is that a teaser of Bolero facelift or something? Are they planning to launch it or is it just a concept car? The car appears at 0.50 here
  7. Hi.....Welcome to ACI! I dont mean to offend you or something but this is just itching the age of 8, how were you able to reach accelerator of a decently tall car like Santro and yet manage to look out of windscreen and drive?
  8. Exactly! You are treated like they dont care by Honda guys. Their sales staff is walk in the showroom and you have to wait for some time for someone to attend you. Moreover their showroom is closed on several odd days. And long waiting periods. Seriously? they expect me to wait like 5 month for Aviator and 9-10 months for Activa? My 1996 Kinetic ZX is more reliable than Honda
  9. Nice...I love that orangish colour particularly...looks awesome...does any car offer a similar colour in India? dont say Nano please
  10. i20 sedan can replace Accent in no way...why is Hyundai not bringing cars like HB20 to compete with Dzire instead of this gamble? i30 is hatch version of lets say it would start from 12L in India assuming they chop only the boot not any other tech. Hatchbacks are entry level cars according Indian mindset(why wouldnt one buy a top-spec Vento instead of i30 anyways) so chances are slim that i30 is coming to India
  11. Hi There is little or no buzz about Sail Sedan.....yet I find that car somehow appealing. So when is it expected to launch and what will be its on road price? It it going to compete with entry level sedans(Etios...Verito...Dzire) or a little higher ones(Vento....Verna..etc) Sail Hatch starts at 5.3 lakh(on road-Mumbai) according to autocar so how much extra would its sedan version cost? My assumption 70k more for sedan version If launched at starting price(on-road) of 6lakh, sounds a perfect VFM Your Views please Live long and prosper!
  12. Sadly my experience with my WagonR is not all that good. During first year, that car was involved in a minor accident(it hit the divider at slow speed) due to that the bumper alignment got spoiled. So I had align the bumper and replace a good working headlight only because a piece of plastic holding the screws broke! the whole thing cost me about 19k if a remember then there is a clutch belt(or some thing with similar name) that i had to fix innumerable times as it squeaks then there is the locking system that has failed twice apparently due to rust....thankfully only one door was jammed in both cases
  13. Ouch! I am not a fan of Aria styling itself and this mini-Aria stretches my dislike even further! Iooks like Vista on steroids! Why do all chopped of car have to be ugly? Quanto... awkward! New Dzire...out of shape! IndigoCS looks decent though But anyways its better looking than Quanto. And why are Tata developing a mini-Sumo when Sumo Gold itself is not popular now a days..not even with tours-n-travels..? Tata need a serious revolutionary facelift on Sumo to sell it
  14. I guess this thread is pretty old but I have a few words: The Ferrari was a white elephant lying in his garage as Indian(or at least Mumbai) roads are not suitable for the car. Isn't it more logical to have a GT-R with much higher ground clearance. BTW did anyone else spot a Ferrari 458 Italia parked at Lokhandwala or was I dreaming
  15. If am not wrong, many people just register the vehicles in ThaneRTO under their relatives there or their own house in Thane and drive it in Mumbai. But its not worth the trouble if the car if under 10-12 lakh as price difference is not much. I have personally never tried but have heard several such cases.