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  1. I hate TATA quality. IMHO, terms like Quality and Refinement are alien to TATA Motors. They know it, they can do it but they don't implement these virtues, I don't know why!
  2. I'm also very much sure that if GM see some feasibility to assemble Captiva in India from CKD kit route, they would price Captiva around Ford Endy which would completely change the luxury SUV market forever. CBU's attract hefty Customs duties and taxes which drives the prices beyond normal customer's reach and we term those as "Crazy Pricing". As a matter of fact, some of their vehicles are best value for money products (Spark & Magnum Diesel). Magnum Diesel blows away Hyundai Elantra and Skoda Octavia in just about everything.
  3. Because I'm going to drive 2000 km per month and CRV at 10 Km/L is going to cut my pocket. Also I just read on the Chevrolet website, Captiva spare parts are WAY cheaper and competitively priced than those of CRV. What I want is a refined Diesel engine, 7 Seater with good equipment and safety kit, AWD SUV around 20 lacs.
  4. Well, I thought Auto Expo 2008 would ease up my decision but after reading FEB issue of Auto Car India, I'm now even more confused! ACI has given Chevy Captiva 8/10. Santa Fe is rumoured to cost near 25 Lacs while Outlander will cross 30. I was waiting for Captiva Launch but was disappointed when AWD, Auto DSG and Sunroof was missing. When you're spending close to 19 lacs, you would love to have those things in your vehicle. When I talked to GM dealer, he says they MAY being in LTX and fully loaded model (with Auto DSG, AWD, Sunroof) within next 1 year at price close to 20 lacs. Should I wait for that one or should I go ahead with present model. IS present model worth it? Is there any way gearbox can be converted to Auto after my purchase by some reputable workshop? Any reply from knowledgeable ones would be appreciated.