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  1. coz there are four strokes - suck squeeze bang blow. the crank completes two revs in one full cycle.
  2. both companies started as licensce manufacturers for americancar companies... i hope this is right.i remember it reding somewhere
  3. great review sir! when u have used a car for so long u get so connected with the car that can tel in advance what problem is about to crop up. u also get quite comfortable with it despite it getting out of order more than often. we had a '97 Opel Astra 1.6 whish we used for almost 10 was sold to a foreign student for 1.25lac last June. even now when i see the car on the street or at asignal i watch if its well kept, has he scratched anywhere, who is in it.
  4. considering traffic n distances in Mumbai (actually Banglore is even worse in this sense) it would be advisable to opt for a diesel car. considering ur budget Ford Fiesta 1.4Tdci or Hyundai Verna 1.5VGT are the options available to select. oh u looking for 6-7 seater now i read that.ok Mahindra Scorpio 2.6 Crde is the best buy in ur budget. Innova is great but too big for city use. it would be cumbersome in Mumbai traffic. same applies to Safari. also service n spares cost r dirt cheap wen compared to Innova.even ur wife would be able to drive it with no issues. it is quite nimble in town.
  5. Opel Astra was the best among the trio n way ahead in terms of quality, fit n finish, ride n overall comfort. It had that distintive European feel which the other two competitors lacked. My dad had bought Astra 1.6 GL in '97 which we used for almost 10 yrs n sold it in June '07.We have had such good service n overall experience with the car that my dad was planning to go for Vectra when he decide to change the car. He called up the company to ask if there were any units left in the Inventory. When the reply was that one of senior staff himself wanted one n was unable to locate any, n hence settle for a second hand buy, that my dad opted for the Honda Civic (dad wasnt too keen on second hand car). u ll still find many Opel loyalists who swear by thier cars n Astra was the best car that Opel brought to India among others. I hope GM revives the brand soon. atleast in the C n D segment.
  6. Yamaha is the only manufacturer who is actively working towards bringing new performance bikes to India. Other companies had also promised performance bikes but no one except Yamaha seems to be proactive to fullfil thier commitments. LONG LIVE YAMAHA