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  1. any one has any idea on when the toyota fortuner and the volkswagon tiguan are coming out??and what bout their pricing??i saw in the earlier issue of autocar that it costs the same as the cr-v.
  2. there is high chance they will coz the time alloted by the WTO to do so is close to an end.its inevitable.they have to do it within 2 yrs time ....max.but then we mightl hav to wait for 2 freakin yrs for it!!!!!grrrrr.........lets hope they do it this yr itself!!!
  3. @ satyam i wud say dat if u can afford the exra 2 lacs nd da extra running costs of petrol(remember its gonna b 50 bucks/ltr soon) then i wud say that going for the cr-v wud b the better option.does'nt matter if the service centre is a few kms away!u get a honda rite?plus u can make up for the expense of goin to the service centre wen selling the car!!!it has much better resale value!! but like i've always sed,it wud be a wise decision to delay purchases of cars costing above 14 lacs till march!coz da union budget cums out in feb nd it has a high possibility of including a drop in import duty or excise duty or wateva they call uit!it cud save you a couple of lacs!!!!!THINK PPL THINK!!quick guys !!all on ur knees nd pray dat mr.chidambaram makes a wise decision!
  4. hey chennaichris,my advice..... if ur woried bout ur car breakin down at night ......go in for the is rock solid.i hav a couple of friends who've used the corolla for almost 4 yrs now,nd that too with rubber burnin drivin style.nd you kno how many times they hav hd problems with thier car?0!!!not a single problem!!till date!!thats the quality of toyota!! but there is a prob though....its gonna get phased out in a couple of months.theres a new corolla cummin.but its gonna be more the new model wont affect resale value much coz after all its a toyota!nd dat too a corolla!so if your not worried bout the phasing out part i'd say go in for the corolla,coz its pretty much rock solid!!!but if you wanna take chances with your hard earned money i'd say the next best bet is the optra magnum!! so cheers!
  5. whoa whoa.......wats goin on here?dog fight b/w 2 guys over brands??chill guys.........!!!!however,i think the scorpio's miles ahead of the safari on every front except space!!!its got a better interior,better looks(in my view at least),better technology,better chassis,better quality(wen compared to the safari)nd its almost a million KG's lighter than the boulbos safari which uses too much iron nd crude metal parts!! i mean wen i took a teast drive hopin that at least now tata would hav got it right ,the speedo stopped workin,the rev meter started goin beserk,the clutch started squeakin,the body roll was massive,nd lets face it guys.......tata's safari seriously sucks!!the only good thing about owning a bloody safari is that you get to stretch yourself completely(evn if you're a six footer,coz i am)!!noother benefits.......only headaches!!!soo all those guys plannin to own safaris better buy a whole supply of paracetamol for that headache!!hahahahah!
  6. oh nd the santa fe might cost nethin b/w 20-22 lacs so unless youb hav the gandhis 4get bout waitin for it!plus its a hyundai which has virtually no brand value in india or newhere else in the world for that matter! hyundai's best for small cars!
  7. hey thard, glad to hear dat u took into consideration the fact i mentioned that imports might b cut!!but u still cant b sure bout it gettin aqll depends on a certain Mr.chidambaram!!!quick guys,on ur knees nd pray so dat he'll at lest reduce import duties if not completely remove them!!!!!!!!imagine guys,we could be paying like 13-15 lacs for the 2.4 ltr CR-V!!!!! oh nd thard,dont even think of buyin the pajero!!!they are just sellin it to clear stocks!it luks sooooooo damn old!!like its from another century!!nd its interiors luk like they were made in the 18th century!!yuck!why even consider the pajero when you hav SUV's like the captiva nd CR-V which are light years ahead! cheers!
  8. anybody got any idea bout wen the fortuner makes it to our shores?? Note From Admin: Please take time out to search for existing thread before starting a new thread on a topic that already exists.FuelRunGod2008-01-29 08:04:13
  9. @ thard- I wud suggest a captiva coz its diesel nd its refined.nd lets not forget u drive over 50 kms per day!!dats a lot guys!!.u cant suggest a petrol driven CR-V to a guy who drives that much!!!but the thing is da captiva does'nt hav 4x4 drive so u wont b able to go into too deep levels of slush nd grime but i dont think u will b anyway.its jus bumpy roads u've mentioned!the capiva can handle that well.its got 197mm of ground clearance. but if ur ntoo concerned ptrol performance then CR-V would b perfect!!!but it costs the same as a diesel driven cap! dont forget,THERES A PETROL DRIVEN CR-V RIVAL FROM MITSUBISHI CALLED THE OUTLANDER CUMMIN IN MARCH.IT LOOKS PRETTY GOOD!!!.if u can wait i wud say its worth the wait!plus waitin till match would mean u make a purchase after the '08 budget nd theres a good chance of import duty cuts from the current 112% of duty we pay on the captiva CR-V nd other imported cars!!!!!!!
  10. but guys i've gotten offers till 6.5 lac!!!!mainly coz da car is in showroom condition,nd has been barely used!
  11. hey guys!!!can sum1 tell me wat price i can expect for my mitsu lancer bought in '05,run only 18000kms,205/60 R13 tyres,blaupunkt system worth 30 grand?the car is in excellent condition.any1 hav ne idea?