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  1. Thanks for the inputs.. I checked out the pajero yesterday.Its good but interiors is a big let down. Its like a jeep. Montero looks good but is extremely expensive. I think captiva is the best bet.. now somebody mentioned that in budget the import duty will be reduced. So i will have to wait till than.. in any case the delivery is delayed.. so lets see. thanks once again.. petrol suv is a sin.. the consuption is just too high....
  2. Thanks for all the inputs. I have finally shortlisted the Captiva and Honda 2.0 Ltrs. I checked up the chevrolet dealer but it seems the captiva has not been formally launched. The waititing period is till april end as of now. But the vehicle looks awesome. If one compares the interiors than i dont think there is any competition to captiva even from honda.. the interiors of honda is nothing great. It seems in another week the chevrolet people would have a clear picture and than we can take a call.
  3. I heard tuscon is going to be phased out.. and the spares are extremely expensive
  4. Hi I am planning on buying a SUV and am not able to decide. My initial budget was 14 Lacs but there were no options. Now i am comparing Honda CRV 2.0 Ltrs, Grand Vitara, Captiva and Tuscon. Can you please help as to which one is the better one. Is the hyundai tuscon being phased out in india? How is the worldwide performance of the Chevrolet Captiva? I travel on an average 50 km per day. It does involve site visits to new properties where the road may be bumpy. Warm Regards Nikhil Thard