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  1. wait for the twin spark, unit construction tbird .i have one of the first few tbirds that left the factory. its great on highways and thanks to the tvs motocrosser bars i have on it, its not too bad in the city either. its comfy and the new twin spark bike promises to be more reliable and leak less oil. in stock condition, expect a mileage of around 35-40kpl when you go easy on the throttle. Also, please put an aftermarket exhaust can if you are buying one. the stock one makes it sound like an avenger. Now, for the avenger. it is more reliable, performs better and fuel economy should be slightly better. but its not an enfield.
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    Cars 4 cops

    Well, back to the topic. i think cops should get something really slow. that mahindra jeep is a good idea. it sometimes can't keep up with itself, so what chance do they have of chasing and catching other cars ? HAHAHAhAH!
  3. he's right, for any difference in power, you will have to get a properly measured and calculated exhaust system. if it is only the sound you want, fitting a muffler will change the sound, but not by much. i got a remus free-flow muffler put on a swift. the sound changed slightly. it wasnt loud, but it had a deeper sound. there was no noticeable change in performance either, so if you really don't want a cop-attention seeking, public nuisance of an exhaust note, this is a nice option. and like FRG said, for the environments sake, let the cat be.
  4. keep all your repair bills, and any other paperwork that you can use as proof when the time comes. Also keep a log of who you spoke to at krishna auto and what they said. this will help if you decide to go to the consumer court. ps: maybe its time to change your profile pic. bugatti is owned by VW which in turn owns Skoda
  5. the new R1 man. and the new busa. and the new Gixxer 1000, and the new R6.
  6. i heard spectator viewing areas are limited beacause of the safety issue. If a car veers off the track at high speed(which it will be past the 200 metre mark), it will become a safety hazard (understatement).
  7. hey roadangel, which part of the organising didnt you like?
  8. also remember that a lot of RSs have spent a lot of time at the redline...
  9. Hey Karun, good stuff. Congratulations man.
  10. im waiting for your bike to be sold for a tuppence man.
  11. Id love to get me some proper riding gear. But, they cost more than my current bike. so, for now, its an AGV helmet, a shirt and Levis.
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    Honda Cars? The NSX and the old City VTEC. Bikes? the blade and the blackbird.
  13. @FRG: ABS is not there to pump the brakes. It is there, so you can steer the car out of danger. Lock the wheels and you wont have steering control, the car choosing to head in the last chosen direction before the wheels locked. ABS wont let the wheels lock, so you can steer away from that cow that parked itself in the fast lane while also helping you slow down. Posterior and roomy. Keep at it. You guys make this worthwhile.
  14. hey zavo. why would you want to test drive an exotic to destruction? plus, you may not get paid anymore if you destroy an exotic. know what i mean? enjoy the drive man.
  15. also replace drivers seat with a laZboy