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  1. Iam having 1 Year Old BOLERO SLX Model. As it was underpowered, iam planning for Pete's Tuning Box. 1.Whether Pete's Tuning Box available for Bolero Turbo Engine? 2.Pete's Tuning Box will make mechanical problem after installation of 1 or 2 years? AUTO-EXPERTS, PLEASE HELP IN THIS MATTER TO TUNE MY BOLERO. With Regards, S.A.Prasanth
  2. Friends, iam having idea of buying FIAT LINEA after its launch. In our area of MADURAI, speed breakers would be very high. So only, i postponed buying of New Honda City. Please tell me whether FIAT LINEA would have higher ground clearance like SX4 or lower as Honda City... With Regards, PRASANTH...
  3. Maruti Suzuki planning to introduce SX4 Diesel in future?? At what month, we can expect ?? Whether it will have same multijet engine of maruti Swift or bigger engine??
  4. Friends! I planned to buy BOLERO SLX. But my friend had told me that BOLERO with CRDi engine is going to be launch within 2 months as per one of the dealer in Tamil Nadu. Please tell me whether it is going to released within 2 months??
  5. Friends! Is there any people in this forum using MARINA Dicor or any experience with MARINA DiCOR?? If means, kindly give ur opinion about it especially engine (CRDi), Mileage, Suspension, smoothness and BUILD Quality. I need review of Latest version of LX (CRDi) only.
  6. Friends! Do you know any news about price & launching date of Grande Punto???? Because iam in great confusion of Grande Punto or Palio MJD. Also if Grande Punto is within range of 6 Lakh, i can afford it. Kindly advise me.
  7. No Mr.Sapphire' date=' You had confused Palio Multijet with old Palio Diesel. Fiat Palio Engine is same as Swift Engine. So, the FE must be same as Swift. I think mileage would be 22-25 kmpl in highway.[/quote'] I think the Fe will be less Palio is 450 odd kg heaveir than swift. Mr.RSSH!! I agree that you are swift lover. But don't underestimate or blame other car people. SWIFT Weight: PALIO Weight Spec: Both Palio & Swift are same kerb weight of 1,065 Kg. Where had you find palio was extra 500 kg? ACCORDING TO ME, PALIO is 1000 Times better than Swift as it was providing good leg space & boot space than swift with same weight of swift.
  8. No Mr.Sapphire, You had confused Palio Multijet with old Palio Diesel. Fiat Palio Engine is same as Swift Engine. So, the FE must be same as Swift. I think mileage would be 22-25 kmpl in highway.
  9. FIAT PALIO Stile Diesel will be 200% better than Maruti Swift VDI for the following reasons: 1. Palio is Rs.20000/- cheaper than Swift 2. Palio is readily available from showroom. No waiting of 2 months or 4 months like Swift. 3. Palio has very good boot space. 4. Palio has rear demister. 5. Palio has large rear leg room space when comparing crampy swift space. 6.There was no discount for Swift. But we can bargain with people in TATA for somewhat. 7. Everybody knows about FIAT's body built. By buying 5 Lakh car, we should travel comfortly. But maruti is not providing good room space in Swift. Guys! Give your opinion. Don't mistake me if i give any wrong information.
  10. Rssh! now you agree LOGAN as most-efficient car??
  11. Thanks Mr.Rssh! Any opinion about vibration after years??
  12. see for more details. 75bhp is not from 1.25L. engine. ITS 1.4 L engine. LOGAN IS RIGHTLY POWERED FOR BOTH CITY DRIVING & HIGHWAY DRIVING. Don't expect performance like race cars from this VFM & Fuel Efficient Car.
  13. Thanks Guys! Any idea about the minimum km to be done per month for CRDi cars ???
  14. UNIFORM DRIVING IS NOT POSSIBLE IN INDIAN ROADS. But it is possible in HIGHWAY and FOUR WAY. Mr.Arka, SWIFT'S MAXIMUM MILEAGE IN MARATHON is 29 Kmpl only. But LOGAN beats that by giving 32 kmpl on uniform condition.