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  1. Honda Civic quality ??

    the clutch is never covered under warrenty...but if its a faulty one then the company has to replace it
  2. Problem in Verna Tyres

    if the problem is with all vernas then it must be a defect....even the company must be knowing abut it
  3. urgent fiesta

    i never drive my car without the a/c being switched it was working continously..the balancing has been done last month from a michlien dealer..

    go for linea fiat is known for its good engines..and it can be easily serviced at any tata-fiat service centre...linea has much better looks compoared to swift dzire linea had a gr8 response in other has gr8 plans for has made crores of invesment in a plant near pune..soo dont be scared to buy a fiat...i have used a palio for 5 years without any problems and the car was extremely gr8...
  5. urgent fiesta

    sorry i couldnt answer..i had gone out of town...this time the average has incresed to 19kpl..i think the car needed to be serviced the milege meter also shows an increase in the distance wich the car can cover to a whooping 720kms... the steering vibrates above 100kms...
  6. urgent fiesta

    the car had gone through a huge pothole wich lead to puncture in 2 tyres....this may have damaged the alloys..if there was any damage in the suspention the company would have had informed me... but if the alloys had got damaged then it shud had been detected in the wheel alingment..tomorow i have to again take the car to the company for some check up they r gona do so will tell them the problem there...
  7. urgent fiesta

    and they send me a huge bill of 18000 as there was fault in the air conditioning of the car...they replaced the coil worth 6500rs....and replaced some parts where there were leakages...
  8. urgent fiesta

    the car came back from servicing.the company says the average is low due to high speed driving..if the car is used within the prescribed speed limits then the average will suerly go fault was found in the engine...
  9. Need advise

    this wont hamper ur wud incerase the air intake wich will increase the performance of the car....
  10. urgent fiesta

    the car has the alloys provided by ford. im having this problem of vibrating from last 1 year..
  11. i have a ford fiesta 1.4tdci.2006 model.the car has clocked 47000kms.the car vibrates when the speed goes above 100kms.i have done wheel alingemet as well as balancing. also the milege meter which shows how much the car can cover after filling up the tank does not go above 560kms.the average has also dropped to15kpl on highway.
  12. i have used a fiat palio 1.6gtx model for almost 5 years..and trust me palio is a very well built car...i did not have any kind of problems in these five years. talking of the new 1.3tjet engine.indica cannot match the engine of the new fiat.the same engine is being used in swift. so i recommend u to get a fiat palio>>