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  1. Fully agree with Ramesh .. You should write to Fiat... no point banging your head against the dealer.. Manufacturers do not and cannot afford to oversee your complaint... all the best
  2. If you are going for Hyundai i 10 you should be able to get a discount of around 2000 per month on these rates. then it will be a good deal. all the best
  3. Rather than buying these cars in India you could import a second hand one of your choice from UK
  4. I think honda dint want to support super aguri as they were doing better than honda..
  5. Accent viva crdi ..For : fuel consumption/power/cost of ownership..a delight to own
  6. U want an amby ? no right .....palio has reached end of its life cycle and not worth it ...whatever foundation and lipstick it uses palio is an old lady ..go for the new chick ..close ur eyes and buy a swift
  7. Best Bet is a dzire buy a dark colur one upsize tires and put an alloy .. the dark colour will mask the disproportionate look ..maintenance will be low after all its a maruti.. you ll ve service network all over ... it gives decent kmpl.. and power is also adequate .. Your budget ll get you a Vxi which is fully loaded and at less than 10,000km per annum petrol cars shud be a good option . And resale value will also be good Aveo is a strict no no ..its average in all quarters ..and low on resale value and low on almost eveerything Fiesta will be heavy on the pocket and not a exceptional car to own compared to a dzire go for dzire
  8. Why do we discuss how pious they are does it matter ..they have all entertained us with dramas on and off track ..thats what they are paid for ...
  9. If your dad will be driving the car and if money spent on petrol is not an issue would suggest Civic as Its better than a corolla in all aspects and corolla is getting replaced soon and the other option City is not worth considering against a Civic .If your dad is not driving the car and you mind kmpl go for the octavia . Scorpio is not a good option for city use compared to the cars
  10. That sounds to be a gr8 car in the making ..and abt the back of the car being like a winger think its a disguise as thats the easiest way to disguise..and this cannot be a ppl mover if the power /engine specs are same as being mentioned in the thread
  11. my votz for the red beast ..none beats the prancing horse
  12. Agree that Swift and Old city are good options but at 3.75lacs if you are lucky you will end up getting a Accent Crdi ..fix a Petes kit and you have a monster at hand an u can touch 180-190kmph on that ...u get a city mileage of 12kmpl and a highway of 17+ unless you are doin a 180kmph ..he he ..and all that from a diesel car which will be lite on your poket too ...Swift is no match ....
  13. If you are looking for a safe n spacious car and are looking at the mileage then palio is the car for you and price you mentioned also seems ok.Mainenance will be on the higher side.If cost of ownership is your priority then alto makes more sense and if you can get a 1.1litre nothing like it. If you are goin in for gas ,palio makes more sense as after you put in the cylinder if u need any lil bit of space only palio can give you that but an alto run on petrol will give you more km/rupee and you wont need the gas and all the boot space of alto is there for you
  14. Buy dark colours of dzire then you wont hate the car as dark colours will hide the curves of the car to a large extent if ppl can buy a santro then dzire is ages ahead and what happened to a santro it ended up being the no1 in its segment. And which cars are dzire pitted against indica and logan which in itself are not beauty peagant entries Dzire is a VFM car and well positioned in its segment.
  15. ZDI is a better option as its almost as powerful as the diesel and you want feel that much of a difference as the ZXI itself is not a spirited performer.Even though the mileage you run is low it might make sense if the mileage you cover is 1000kms a month as new age diesels are not that heavy on the pocket and the fuel prices and the extra kmpl you get on a diesel compared to the petrol will definetly make diesel a cheaper option. How maruti is able to price the car so cheap and load it with features -- Compare prices of a similar specd Swift to a Dzire the lowest version is 70k costlier and the top specs are 100k costlier so for a boot you are payin so much more money and as far as maruti is considered its the extra cost of sheet metal and some plastics which they have to shell out for manufacturing a dzire. above is a simple explanation Maruti can get a better price from suppliers as the suppliers will be able to get economies of scale .Inventory holding cost will again be low as they do not have to store two different inventory for swift and dzire. Capital investment will also be less as many of body parts /chassis are common and so on.
  16. 1)Alfa Romeo 2)Ferrari 125 S 3)Datsun
  17. 1962 Porsche 356B Cabriolet super 1600 t-6
  18. Most modern diesels are not that heavy on pocket in maintenance ,It might be close to 1.5-2times on maintenance compared to petrol but the fuel efficiency and diesel price make up for it .The benefit of petrol being faster is also old story with the CRDIs.Overall diesel is a better option.
  19. Style/Image and 4wd capabilities will be brilliant and with a diesel engine will be a product which people will crave for