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  1. What is the use of parking/marker lamps provided on some bikes/scooters ? I think many people don't use them at all !! rds Ashwanth
  2. Hi gang I have read that when descending a steep hill, cars and motorbikes are put in 3rd gear or 2nd gear so that the engine and transmission help in reduced use of friction brakes ... So can i descend a steep hill with hairpin bends without burning my friction brakes on my Honda Activa(or am i exagerrating things ?!) ? H.Activa already offers strong engine braking !! ... regards Ashwanth.
  3. am interested in aviation and trains too ! is any meet or long drives organised by chennai gang ?!
  4. Hi gang Whats the use of a tachometer in blaze ? it has a CVT right ? I also got to drive my friend's blaze ... the scoot is pretty bad when it comes to engine refinement regards Ashwanth
  5. Hi gang Am a regular reader of autocar and doing my M.Sc. in chennai.I own a beautiful black Honda Activa that has done jus over 5000kms ... Presently learning to drive a car as well :) .. happy signing in here ! rds Ashwanth p.s. ppl in orkut do add me for "ashwant shriram" ..i have the same profile pic there