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  1. i have no comlaints against 1) Tata's- i had indica v2 for close to 4 years...never ever got let down...inspite of huge demand i got it on time . extremely value for money i still have indigo lx - with all comforts and running cost of maruti 800. again value for money, delivery was no problem inspite of bookings ( i am talking about 2005) , fit and finish far better than my esteem , doesnot rattle at all. 2) Hyundai Santro- extremely value for money , with avg. around 18kmpl. cannot ask for more. Just completed 10,000 kms in it and still feels like new. My esteem at 35000 kms rattles like car which has run 100,000 km. what i want to emphasise on is some manufacturers pass on the benefits to consumer and some dont. Maruti for sure doesnt. Its just playing on its brand value like honda , skoda and Ford.
  2. rohit

    Hyundai woes !!

    today i went to the dealer and they admitted unofficially that i was not told about what documents to submit. they asked me to contact hyundai. icalled up at hyundai chandigarh office. they reffered me to delhi office i call up there. they say that bonuses pretaining to march sales have already been cleared and for my clearance i have to tell my dealership to get special permission from hyundai regional office in chandigarh. what the heck!!!i told the lady at dealership if you guys are doing it right way fine else see you in court. now i want to ask it seems chances are really dim that i will get anything from dealership in this case, if somebody can help me out on this as to what procedure to follow
  3. rohit

    Hyundai woes !!

    hey post some sane suggestions!! what is this Lodge F.I.R? ...on what basis?i can approach consumer court at the most. I am looking for answers from people who have got so called bonuses and how they got it...
  4. we bought hyundai santro in march and i was all ga ga over the is a nice solid car with excellent mileage but somewhere down the line i was really disgusted with the dealrship attitude right from day one!! we bought it by selling our old car and thus were eligible for 10,000 exchange bonus scheme which was going on ... we submitted all the documents as desired by dealership regarding proof of old owner as well as new owner...transfer of ownership we submitted affidavit and photocopies which were subsequently checked and okayed by dealership and the wait for us started!!!! waited and waited three months passed but still no answers ,no feedbacks, no queries ,no information from hyundai as well as there dealer...finally my patience gives up , i send mail to hyundai they say i will get call from dealer within 3 days. to my surprise call comes and i am promised that i will get cheque by 1st week of july. 1st week passes, then in second week i send mail to hyundai for which there was no reply. i call up at dealership and they say your proof is rejected by hyundai they dont accept affidavits!! i said if affidavits are accepted by court of law of India what is hyundai?? and moreover we submitted all documents as per guidance from dealership and subsequently checked and okayed by dealership for which they had no reply....can some body help me out on this as to what further course of action shall i take?its shear harassment from them?
  5. nice pictures blue.. how much did your 8 day trip cost?
  6. we have to give credit to tata people...they have indegeniously developed dicor while multijet has been developed jointly by suzuki,fiat and g.m. please note that fiat bought in common rail technology and they are pioneers in this field. and dicor is matching multijet.
  7. they really have to cut the prices atleast by 1 lac for 1.4 ltr diesel fiesta which i believe they wont do...
  8. yes you are right ideally now it is competing with swift dzire whose ex showroom price for vdi is around 6 lacs....this car is damn expensive.
  9. rohit

    New Honda City

    i have driven honda idsi on g.t is not at all inspiring above 110 ks...steering is really light at these speeds and i was really not confident driving that car....the main reason for honda buying is first honda status batch ...second is mileage of small can easily get 16-17 kmpl with a.c on higways....apart from that nothing...its spares are on expensive side....and it is being sold at premium for the reason still unknown to me....its has top knotch quality no doubt about that but still vis-a-vis competition they are asking too much for city.
  10. whether you call it mental block or whatever...its all personal perception....i personally dont like indigo marina or for that matter some of the other station wagons....liked palio adventure though
  11. yeah !! thats the thing we are looking for...bring in pics dude!!
  12. guess skoda ppl think british raj is still going on in india. just like rolls royce taunted indian mahraja's during 1940's when they used to visit dealerships in london..egoistic maharaja's in fit of rage buying whole fleets of cars and later bringing them to india and using them as garbage trucks....skoda is doing the same through their dealers by pretending they have world class product and we are not capable of buying it....they are hitting indian's ego's that people buy in fit of rage showing we have capacity to do so....but they have forgotten its long since we got independence...and they might have to find new way to sell there products instead of playing mind games with indian consumer...Bring in QUALITY SKODA!!!