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  1. Well as far I no the specs. are for the C 200.
  2. surprisingly the engine is very very fuel efficient, in fact when you place your hand over the exhaust it almost instantly becomes wet.
  3. Dont forget massaging seats, foldable tables, wireless headphones, reversing camera, panaromic roof and that engine is a killer. BornFree2010-01-25 16:04:09
  4. All I would say is don't walk away from the linea just because its a Fiat. The A.S.S. has improved quite a lot and its only going to get better. And as far as the difference in the price is concerned its its way worth it.
  5. Thank you so much for the info. guys. I almost bought one but was fortunate enough to come across this first.
  6. Linea wins hands down. The interior trim and the overall quality, is simply the best in its class ands the ride is excellent. It may not be as peppy as the SX4 but the Linea is more fun to drive specially when it comes to its handling.
  7. This sunday on the 1st of march a drive to Lonavala and back.
  8. Why not go in for an after market air filter. A friend of mine has a 800 with running with MSD ignition kit, one of the sweetest car to drive in bombay traffic BELIEVE ME.
  9. Whats the latest on the long run reports of the swift. Also the problems that are being discussed here are they specific to K&N are does it vary from one brand to the other.
  10. can u give us a little more details about the shows timing would'nt want to miss it AGAIN
  11. this same thing was used by the honda guys too the placed a glass of water on the seat of CB 400 which has an inline four cylinder engine and was revved to high rpm
  12. hey ronni good to have you here cant wait to see ur new classic
  13. i knew it was a saturn hybrid suv i little more research got me this 2008 saturn vue green line