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  1. Whatever one may say but it is definite that SCORPIO is not at all spacious than SAFARI 3000 OR SAFARI 2200.The only plus point of Scorpio is that it is more succcesful in shorter runs whereas Safari is best when the run is long .
  2. My Dear I Hope and wish you will enjoy your CEDIA alwaysin lively and lovely mood.Whatever may be the opinion of others I personally rate this vehicle as one of the best and cheap among its range.Anyway all the best,
  3. Thanks friends I really got handsome feedback,
  4. Hello Friends, I am having Tata Safari Ex 3000 (Model March 2007) & Maruti Wagon RVx(2002 Model).I am totally satisfied with the performance of both cars.Now I am looking for a bigger one petrol version.I have seen all the cars avilable in the range of 6 to 10 lakhs and zeroed on CEDIA SPORTS MODEL.I have observed that CEDIA seems to be better than Fiesta,Honda city Zx,Honda Civic,SX4 ,Verna,Elantra ,Toyota Corola ,Fabia Skoda.Though I feel and rate CEDIA Better than others & people around me says so ,but my fear is : 1.Why CEDIA is not much popular ? 2.What about the maintenaince cost of CEDIA ? 3.I shall be keeping SAFARI Ex my primary vehicle and CEDIA shall be secondry . 4.What about the resale cost of Mistubishi cars ?Lancer no doubt commands better rates than others in its range . I hope to hear something useful on above points and any other thing about it.
  5. Hello My Dear, I am owner of Tata Safari Ex 3000,I have run 55000 km in 10 months and found it excellent.As for as Scorpio is concerend(Hawks is with automated features). I alongwith my cir cle of friends rate Safari better than Scorpio in following ways: 1.More spacious comfortable but scorpio is not comfortable at all,bit tight, 2.DICOR model is giving me average of 11-12 km ,Scorpio is also in the same range. 3.AC is much better than Scorpio. 4.ABS system is better than Scorpio. 5.More stable than scorpio even at 130km/hr 6.Interior are better than Scorpio. Many more advantages when we compare with Scorpio (even Hawks won't match with SAFARI Vx). But very strange how u rate Scorpio better than DICOR SAFARI???