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  1. Thanks for the reply. How would you rate the car with all pros and cons? I guess the brakes part can be taken care of with regular servicing. How is the resale of this car?
  2. thanks for the reply. by when is this model expected to come out in the market?
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply. The cost of SX4 comes to around 7.4 Lacs which is a very big amount. How is the performance of Accent GLE?
  4. Hello All, My budget is between 5-6 Lacs. I am planning to buy a Sedan. I have checked SX4, City, Fiesta and Accent. Out of these Accent GLE fits my budget. Can you all experts let me know if Accent is a good choice as I have heard that Hyundai is planning to discontinue this car. Thanks