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  1. Real cool snaps. ..I guess I am missing out all the fun.I am not the only one. I am at Germany today and flew via Zurich...and I guess I seen the Mr. Hormazd Sorabjee at Zurich airport, could not reach him(hence I am not sure if it was him or a look alike- probably the Autocar team should know ) as he was on his way to Geneva and me to Germany.
  2. Thats right its Laura or Civic. City Vtec followed by Corolla and now the Civic have a gem of an engine in terms of refinement.The Jap engineered petrol engines just get better every year with every new model they come out with. I find the Civic engine best in terms of performance with FE in the sub 2ltr class till date.
  3. Rssh, I am unaware of the products GM and Suzuki plan to offer. Do throw some light.
  4. That right Sgiitk, moreover the cabin is well insulated the clatter is more on the outside and the engine too does not transmit any vibration to the steering or body or any part. It's a well engineered strong car.The ride at the rear is a bit harsh but you get razor sharp handling in return. I have been driving smooth petrol engines for quite some time, City Vtec followed by Corolla till date where is power build up is smooth. Probably if I keep driving the Laura at a stretch may not bother about this issue at all. If your movement is more on open roads I would suggest a Laura as it is a very driver centric car, its not for the person at the rear seat.If you spend more time at the rear seat and ride comfort matters most Civic is what one should go for.
  5. In fact there is no battle at all for the best SUV. Given such a large population which buy MUV and SUV what is the choice we have ? 1) Sumo,Tavera,Innova and now Rhino in the MUV class. 2) Safari and Scorpio in SUV for 10lac to 12 lacs category. 3) Endeavor with leaf springs to break your spine and an outdated Pajero 2.8 with an underpowered engine (110 hp to drag around a 2 ton vehicle) and that too one does not know when Mitsubishi run out of these old kits they have in stock and once sold out might simply discontinue. 4) Compact SUV : only CRV , Outlander, Captiva to join Innova has plugged the vaccum with a good product in the MUV and the compact SUV's too will have more players this year but the Scorpio/Safari segment is wide open and same goes with the Endeavor/Pajero slot. Hope Toyota and GM see this opurtunity and bless us with some good offerings in time to come.
  6. Thanks FRG, battle in the MUV sector will definitely hotten up with the Grande. In the metros many toursist cab guys have upgraded to Innova due to a better class of clients they ferry,in smaller towns the Tavera has eaten off most of Sumo territory,the Grande will definitely help the TATA's to regain lost ground. Rightly said its a cake walk for Safari and Scorpio with no competition in the slot they are in customers have no option but to choose from either of them.
  7. Enjoyed the review FRG, querry??.While driving over pothholes without the co passengers(especially at the rear seats ) being thrown around ;it was the independent coil springs of the Safari rear suspension I guess. Would the endeavor with leaf springs at the rear provide same comfort ? The Pajero 2.8 with its rallying experience probably would give the best ride over such surfaces ? What about the compact SUV's like CRV,Captavia,Outlander, will their suspensions perform better than the Pajero 2.8 over pothholed roads.
  8. Yes Rssh my guess to is the endeavor, I guess I will have to use a measure tape,will revert with details.
  9. Thank you Sgiitk, there is a bit of turbo lag hence you need to press the accelerator a bit more than what you would in a smooth petrol engine like Civic. Once above the 2500 rpm the power thrust is great. The auto box on the Laura is great and one cant feel the loss in rush of power when needed.Once above the rev range it quite simply delights.I had some pre conceived thoughts about loss of power in autos hence did not even bother to take a test drive, 6 months after purchase when I drove my friends Laura at peak evening Mumbai traffic I discovered the beauty of DSG. In stop and go traffic reving up a diesel in auto/manual Laura is not as pleasant as the Civic, similarly at 160km/hr the Laura feels better than the Civic.Especially the slot from 80 km/hr and upwards is fun due to the high torque available on the PD engine.
  10. Interesting topic,I own a Skoda Laura L&K and swap it with my cousin for his Honda Civic as per need.Both cars are from different worlds and suit different tastes in my case moods.If i am travelling from Mumbai to Pune via the expressway its only the Skoda.The solid feel,terrific steering control,best of all the high torque engine( feels best when pulls from 120kmph and upwards). Very stable at high speeds feels the same at 120 and at 160 rock solid. The Civic is petrol driven and has one of the best petrol engines in its class.In the city and the nearby outskirts I am at ease with a zippier car and probably it is my state of mind I feel quite heavy driving the Laura around in the city especially in stop and go traffic and I simply cherish the smooth refinement of the civic engine. Not that Civic cannot handle highways and Laura cant be driven around in the city,given the option I exercise it to suit my taste. Skoda has not developed local guys for spares and end up importing most of it hence spares and service is a loot when compared to Honda and Toyota and they are'nt as friendly on after sales as their Jap counter parts. Although they are'nt an original German brand have developped a corky attitude when it comes to warranty claims.
  11. Both are sibblings from the same family, given the choice the PASSAT definitely over the SUPERB id the additional cost is not much of a bother else the current SUPERB tdi is not too far behind and yes it has the cost advantage.I have seen a good number of PASSATS on road in Mumbai and Delhi even with its frugal production figures.It does seem to have struck the right chord with the buyer who wants; a 5mtr long strong car( the built to last feel the german bred cars have) with all the goodies loaded, and does not have a brand fettish for BMW/AUDI/MERC etc
  12. The Innova does not come in as an SUV although as an MUV it is the best as on date available in India. From the rest Safari is the best followed by the scorpio in my opinion. Need to wait for the Grande to comment. I do not know why Toyota isn'nt launching the Fortuner but the day they do launch it and fit it in a price bracket of 12 to 15 lacs that product will very easily be the winner of this battle of SUV's. I have driven the Fortuner, it is generations ahead of what we have as of now,in fact I found it much,much better than the next level Endeavor and at par with the Pajero 2.8. Does anybody have a clue as to when Toyota plans this product launch in India ?
  13. Hi guys would appreciate some information from members on this forum owning/knowing any of the SUV's mentionned above. I guess what rssh means by volume is the dist. from the second row to the tail gate X width at the rear X height at the rear X a conversion factor = volume in liters The boot of std sedans are 350 liters approx. Laura/Octi have the largest in sedans 500liters. What must the volume in liters for the SUV with largest space be 2000liters ? Any guesses.
  14. This is the event I would not want to miss, unfortunately I am not in town. Hope it is great success and all of you have the time of your life.Cheers
  15. Most of the SUV have overall lengths in the 4500mm category yet the cargo space if the third row of seats is removed vary. Scorpio = 4325mm Safari=4650 Endeavor= 4998mm Pajero 2.8=4730 CRV=4530 Captavia= Outlander= If trunk volume is the only criteria for selection,which one of the above accomodates max cargo ? Probably the endeavor being the longest,but due to a long front end cant guess,it may probably have the same space at the rear as an Innova (4550mm) due to the cab forward design ?