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  1. cool man.. it wud be great if u pass on the model numbers..
  2. @harry.... any specific models for head unit and speakers u wud recommend ? budget is around 10-15k.. any good places in bangalore??
  3. what about pioneer? how is that ? read a lot of good reviews abt it..
  4. which head unit would you recommend ?? i am looking for ones with I-Pod compatibility... also any specific model for JBL speakers ??
  5. i have a swift planning to buy a music system for it.... didnt take it from the dealer coz there werent many options there... my budget is around 10k.. which are the good brands around this budget?? any places in bangalore where i can get good ones? kindly suggest...
  6. Are any of the swift owners facing any problems with that car ?? I mean any of the problems like vibrations,drop in fuel efficiency,engine trouble etc ?? Please help me .. am planning to buy a swift or an I-10 ?
  7. Am still confused whether to go for i-10 or swift ?? the mileage is not a big issue for me ... as it's around 12 for swift and 14.5 for i-10... have test driven both the cars and and i felt that i-10 is smoother when compared to swift...but then swift is a 1.3l car... and i-10 is just 1.1l but since i-10 is a new car, i am still contemplating whether to go for it or not ?? any suggestions...