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  1. According to your requirements the Fiesta classic is a worthy bet taking into consideration the performance and mileage (comparing Ertiga) and cult status of the Fiesta. The verna is best known for a great engine with a sloppy handling chassis which i hope Hyundai rectifies it with future updates. But Maruthi Ertiga is already a market scorcher backed by Maruthi's a.s.s,quality,low maintainence costs and reliability.If u can play down your choice of a sedan and accept a MUV( or a LUV as marketed by Maruthi ) then i recommend the Ertiga for you.With a great diesel engine and lots of space the ertiga best suits you. My priority list be as follows: 1. Maruthi Ertiga 2. Fiesta Classic 3. Hyundai verna 4. Maruthi sx4
  2. The Maruthi Dzire is in no need of worries unless the Amaze is prized below the Dzire.This might well be a problem for the Toyota etios line up which has a particular fan following in the market which i personally dont like in terms of the design and the cost cutting measures in the car . Well its a treat for the honda lovers for sure.
  3. Read in the internet that the new Mahindra Reva-NXG is to be available with two battery options depending on the range of being the lithium ion batteries for long distance range and the older battery options for a comparatively shorter distance battery !! Also was informed by a friend who had spoken once to the driver of the test car says the distance range of the new car is going to be approx 100kms per charge!! The interiors come with a beter upmarket specialities like digital display etc,airbags on rumours too!!with all this integrated into the car i don expect pricing less than 4-5 lakhs.Definitely would turn the heads of potential and non-potential customers if priced below 4 lakhs
  4. sorrry guys the vehicle that i ment was the mahindra bolero which by mistake bein spelt bolre
  5. Booked myself a Royal Enfield 350 tbts today after cancelling my last booking to wait for the new version.The bike is a sure shot market winner.Wished the bike was a little lenthier in proportions. booked the bluish black(dont remember the specific colour name told by the sales ex). the colour shows up a bliush tone when out in the sun,it can be seen in the pictures i have attached.the matt finished is the 500tbts and the glossy finished painjob is the 350 tbts,the bluish tone can be seen in the glossy finished one. The 350 costs 1,46,000 rs on road bangalore and the 500 tbts costs 1,86,000 rs on road bangalore and expected date of delivery is in january,3-4 m0nths of waiting period!!
  6. Thank you my friend the looks fantastic on road with much road presence unlike the older reva electric.The driver on seeing me click pictures zoomed past my car offortlessly!!! My dad didn't believe that it was an electric car zooming at that speeds.pricing at 5 lakhs would be a welcome gesture for those who are interested in an all electric vehicle.
  7. seems to be too boxy in flesh,a muscular yet simplistic designing like the mahindra bolero is a sure shot victory. The windows and the rear part of the vehicle looks a bit out of proportions!!! hope the final designing doesnt resemble this,have my eyes set on this vehicle because the only other ruggrd looking suv in the market is the bolre which is doing wonders on the top 10 sales list.
  8. Saw this mahindra electric cruising on NH7 at 70+ speeds.effortlessly overtaking my car at 70-80 speeds,these are fantastic speeds for an electric vehicles.looks way much superior in tems of design and quality and loved the dual tone exteriors.sorry about the image quality guys as it was captured on my phone.