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  1. Santro is the right choice between the two. Santro is more peppy, roomy, better in handling and has overall better quality plastic as compared to Wagon R
  2. Thank You for the information, shall be on the prowl and give you feedback trio
  3. Thanks for the pointer, but I have had the brakes checked at Jayabharat and they say there is nothing wrong. I also had a local garage check them, they cleaned the drums (made a difference for a few days) and they inspected the shoes / pads which were found OK trio
  4. Hi I want to have custom paint (good designs/graphics done or simply two tone) job done on my Getz 1.3. Any suggestions for a good garage doing customized paint jobs in Mumbai South? Can the Getz handle stage 1 modifications? I ask this because I find the brakes a little weak. Suggestion for a good garage in South Mumbai would be appreciated. Thnx