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  1. Just got back from driving the car. Frankly I was disappointed with it. It seems like a good executive saloon if your going to drive it yourself... if your tall and sit at the back the headroom sucks. To get any kind of response out of the 1.8 engine you have to press the loud pedal all the way to the floor which won't be light on your pocket. Overall I'd give it a 4/10.
  2. Well... first one's a car with a lot of mods to it.. dunno if the owner wants it publicized.. and this is the second one.. But still waiting on the dyno chart for either or both of these cars.
  3. Though I know the owner.. I would LOVE to see the dyno chart for the car.. This is the second "500" car in Bombay.. though no one's giving info/dyno charts.
  4. SOMEBODY FOOKED UP BAD on this car.. It looks like $H!T
  5. Vibhor.. no insult meant.. but nowadays you could make a website about ANY and EVERYthing.. no?? Sorry.. I'm still a non believer.
  6. These pix are very nice.. PHOTOSHOPPED ones... If you say these kits are available.. you got a website to back this up?
  7. Saw it on TV today..with some REALLY $h!tty Hindi Commentary..saying stuff like.. "gadi mein gearbox nai hai.. JADOO BOX HAI".. I mean COME ON!!! It may have been exciting being there... though I don't know how a car going up n down a closed stretch of road doing doughnuts and burnouts at each end and in the middle could be.... but was a YAWNFEST on TV
  8. Eh? Come on.. it was a STONKER of a race..just coz Mclaren's involved.. does NOT mean that Glock/Toyota was paid off to do what he did.. Hats off to Hamilton for keeping his cool under such pressure... to Vettel for pushing him so much.. And my heart goes out to Massa... Lewis may have won the championship.. but for me.. Massa showed HEART!!
  9. This is Mohammedi83...... no one likes my Carmadillo... Grow up!!
  10. Moh... What I meant was you've taken an already ugly car and made it look worse.. if thats possible.. The Sci-Fi 2300AD look gone horribly wrong. In case you need more clarification.. IT SUCKS! IMO naturally Cheers.
  11. Someone take this guy's ruler and set square away from the so called "DESIGNER" please!! It looks like an armadillo gone badly wrong!
  12. We here in India have everything arsewise.. Audi's, abroad are NOT considered luxury cars at all.. at least 90% of their sellers are what they classify as "FLEET" cars, which sales rep's use to travel their millions of miles a year to go from place to place. Here in India, they'r out of reach of most car buyers. Does no one see anything wrong with that? A new car being launched for close to 2 CRORES.. that's just insane.
  13. He's had this car for a couple of years now.. before the takeover ball had started rolling.
  14. He drives a Chrysler/Cadillac Coupe around.. AFAIK. Zavo2008-10-06 11:36:42
  15. Nice. But what surprises me is that you actually had a CONVERSATION with Kimi... I didn't know he speaks too Cheers.
  16. Love the new look of the Octy. Am glad to see the return of the rear wiper. EDIT.. oh yea and the smiley chrome strip on the steering's a nice touch too Zavo2008-10-03 07:53:45
  17. To all that think the comparison of Lewis to Senna/Schumi was unfounded.. all I have to say is.. WAIT AND WATCH!
  18. Time heals all wounds.. and opens up fresh ones I guess..
  19. It's very easy for us to sit on our sofa's and comment what a racing driver should and should not do. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute and you'll see a totally different perspective. What happened to Lewis.. I feel.. was that he got shafted. If the clarification to the rule came out AFTER his incident, well then he shouldn't have been penalised for his actions, since when he did what he did.. there was still a lot of ambiguity with regards to the cutting the chicane rule. As for Schumacher and Senna being "CLEAN DRIVERS"..@yamahar15.. I think either you didn't see or don't remember how dirty both these genius driver's were when they entered the sport. I remember Schumi driving into another driver and losing his entire year's points for that(87 points I think). They all are dirty/aggressive driver's.. its just that the really good one's drive on the edge of what is permitted.. and the young ones like Lewis get caught. Sad. Cheers. Zavo
  20. Is it in a BEFORE-AFTER version or AFTER-BEFORE
  21. So does bashing someone's head in whom you don't like.. does that mean you'd do it? We all sit and moan and groan about how bad things are on the roads in our country and then suggest stuff like this.. Does that sound strange to you or not?
  22. Firstly.. the Vitara is the furthest thing from a true "OFF ROADER" that you could buy.. it's more of a SOFTROADER. Secondly, what make/brand was your tyre and Thirdly and MOST IMPORTANTLY.. what pressure were/are you running?