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  1. Alternators do most of the job once the car is started so it is a very important part of a car. And man, I don't know where I would go without an alternator for my ICE! In may cars the alternators get abused.
  2. I believe it does because for my earlier Palio, I was asked to do it by service technicians to reset the ECU. I also found out that after resetting the ECU, if you drive hard for a few kilometres, the ECU alters itself to that kind of driving and the vice versa. I am not sure about how far this is true. @ nishu: 1 & 2 in an automatic transmission is basically used as a manual. If you select 1 or 2 the engine won't upshift itself to 2nd or 3rd gear, so you can hold that gear for more power. 5u3zEr02010-07-24 12:34:05
  3. We have a Spark in the family, which is two years old now. It was bought for my brother but it is also used by others as it is convenient to go into the city centre with parking hassles. Brother bought it mainly for the three years free maintenance and we have hardly spent anything on it till now. I rarely drive it because it feels pathetic to drive and is completey lifeless. But the a/c is fantastic and for the savings in terms of zero maintenance I think it is a good buy. Oh this I forgot, that the silencer started rusting a few months back and was replaced the second time we sent it to get it fixed as the frst time they did not have stock of it. Its done close to 25,000 kms in two years.
  4. The pricing looks steep to me and with a lakh more you could buy the Linea emotion. I don't think majority of the Indians are ready to pay so much for a "performance" diesel hatch with just "90bhp". Fiat should have gone the whole hog and given a more powerful version.
  5. Ritz looks like it doing great sales, they are everywhere on the road here in Madras. My neighbour just chose Ritz over Swift for his next car and I don't think it will ever be sold for the taxi market.
  6. I think that's an apt ad campaign for selling cars for India though I am reading it here for the first time. MS has done its homework right as according to me 99% of Indian customers are like that. Personally I detest that question when it comes to a car.
  7. There are quite a few Cayenne V6 and the S in Madras but this was the first GTS I saw and thats why I got excited. Come on Cyrus, Bombay will obviously have all of them and many of them with the kind of money there. Yeah DD, Madras is now teeming with all these "regular" luxury cars so I don't get hyper seeing those cars you mentioned. Even the X6 is now becoming a little common but do you know that there are supposedly two Panamera's, two Jaguars XK if I am not wrong (both I saw) and 4/5 Gallardo's in Madras!
  8. As you have just got the alloy wheels, you should have got the wheels balanced before mounting them on the car. Whenever you change a wheel rim (steel or alloy) its better you get it balance. Alignment is not necassary immediately but can be done if you want to just be sure. I don't do it for my cars unless a problem crops up. You need wheel alignment normally, if your steering wheel wobbles/vibrates while driving.
  9. What is collinite 845?? I use 3M rub in polish to clean out the surface scratches and impurities. Works very well.
  10. This beauty in Burgundy was parked at a complex where we went for lunch on a Sunday. This is the first time I saw a Cayenne GTS in India and the first time I saw a burgundy Cayenne and it looked Va va voom to me. Couldn't resist taking photo's of it. Obviously had a special number and ultra dark sun film on it.
  11. THAT is not a CAR!! It looks absolutely pathetic.
  12. @ Cyrus: you hit it at the nail with that statement. Its shape is just too feminine, I agree EDIT: The all black interiors look much better than the grey. 5u3zEr02010-07-14 12:36:06
  13. Nice snaps DD, that Murcielago is the best of the lot. The CLS 350 is trying to be an AMG by just sticking that AMG badge on it, it's no AMG! Singapore has a lot of exotics when compared to Malaysia, Malaysia just has the run of the mill expensive cars but thats becuase it is a poorer country and it shows on their roads. Though I like Malaysia much better than over disciplined Singapore.