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  1. I would have loved to buy a toyota or a honda small car but I cannot wait for a year. So the only options I have is to buy a second hand car now and wait for one year ..or buy a new car now. I am inclining towards buying a new car now. With regards to swift diesel its available on booking at least here in Ludhiana (or pay extra to jump the que ) The ones I had in mind were Swift i10 wagonR in that order FRG you have suggested swift diesel. I was thinking of swift petrol because it has better safety options (Airbags) though I am a slow driver 40-50 kmph I still thought I should spend on safety or am I just getting over paranoid for those speeds. And secondly I thought every one buys petrol for 25KM per day kind of averages. Can you say why swift diesel for me and not swift petrol. Thanks a million.
  2. I really don't mind a second hand car and saving all the money I can. So far I have not been able to find any good dealers .. I have tried on 3 occasions and every time it seemed like a very risky proposition. I am not saying second hand cars are crappy, I just meant I may not be able to judge if it is. I am no where close to the decision yet. I can buy a cheap second hand hatch back now and wait for all the new launches and buy a new car towards the end of 2008 and I may even have a bit higher budget at that time. Or I can buy a new one now and then keep it for good 3 years before thinking of a new one.
  3. The only reason I am not going for a second hand car is that I am afraid I might end up with some thing crappy and unreliable. > a second hand car makes sense for a new driver I actually thought the opposite .. that I should not buy a second hand car because I am not sure what I may end up with .. in a new car atleast I will have every thing in order.
  4. Hi Guys, I am planning to buy a new car and I have been trying to find information and tips on the net. So far I have used this website and carwale.com . I just cannot spend my money without a lot of research as this could well be a decision that I cannot change for the next couple of years so I am really keen to buy the most appropriate car for me. I have used the "suggest me a car" tool on carwale.com but I feel there is nothing like a human advice no matter how good their algo might be. So finally I am asking for help on this forum. I am a 30 year old with a budget that can be stretched to a max of 6 lacs. I want to buy a small car not a sedan. So far I have driven only my Dad's old Fiat Padmini My priorities are a safe, reliable machine - I don't mind looks at all in case of a trade off. I will be driving about 25 Km a day on an average mostly in the city. Kindly share tips on how to decide. 1) First are there any threads which provide such tips for newbies. Also links to any other must read resources before I make this decision. 2) Is second hand car a no no for the first timer? 3) Is a diesel car no no for a first timer?