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  2. hey guys i recently bought a P220...and iam searching for its bodycover but not able to find because of its long size....all covers available in market are of shorter size what shall i do now? i am also not getting extra lock for safety purposes as all available locks are not fitting in its shockers...if any idea then please share thank you.
  3. if u can wait then wait for bajaj pulsar 250cc and 300cc otherwise pulsar220 is the best option for u
  4. yes it can accomodate that amount of fuel....but remember whenever your tank is completely empty..then fill atleast 2litres of petrol....... if not then it takes given amount of fuel into reserve and the bike woulnot be able to start.
  5. hi everybody....iam here with another doubt about the mechanism of ABS. i want to know how does ABS works ? does ABS locks the turning of cars steering on application of full brakes? please help me to clear my doubt. thanking you in anticipation.
  6. i have heard many mini coupes in the market can anyone help me to understand which type of car is called as coupe?
  7. afzal

    pulsar 250cc

    heard that bajaj is coming with pulsar 250cc with 25-30bhp and much more new stuffs . if anyone knows about it then please inform
  8. apache 160 couldnot even beat pulsar 150 on streets then how come it do with p220.........
  9. iam a bit confused in relating bhp and torque............which on of these is responsible for providing acceleration and top speed in bikes ? please help in detail
  10. wolkswagon beetle will be d most fascinating car of auto expo 2010
  11. afzal

    brake oil

    hi everybody i got a problem that how should i maintain disc brakes of my bike i.e. how should i know that the brake oil needs to be changed or how shall i know that it has been leaked out from the car ???
  12. afzal


    hey everybody-----yamaha has released r15 racing kit changing the suspension, chain, sprocket , tyres , increased rpm etc prices of it would be around 1 lakh
  13. r15 is a power raging bike u should definitely go for it........17bhp in just 150cc with six gears shift patterns is quite awesome in indian bike league