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  1. hey guys i recently bought a P220...and iam searching for its bodycover but not able to find because of its long size....all covers available in market are of shorter size what shall i do now?

    i am also not getting extra lock for safety purposes as all available locks are not fitting in its shockers...if any idea then please share thank you. smiley1.gif

  2. u can surely go for pulsar2009 edition.....pulsar180cc has been upgraded a bit with 17.03bhp still less than apache rtr 180 which is 17.3 bhp but it matters a bit little...dont have much knowledge about upgradation in 200 but 220 will definitely come with black alloy in 2009 edition,not much info about its engine upgradation

  3. yamaha 250 fazer has been launched before & very few know about this bike   

    now a days better bikes of yamaha iteself has launched producing a comparable bhp of 17 in r15 in 150cc only providing much better looks than this   

    so this bike has lost the market now