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  1. Wagon R and Hyundai Santro are almost same displacement and pickup (1100 cc, 64bhp Wagon R). The difference comes in comfort, as Hyundai cars are more suitable for taller people.So as for your requirements you can opt for any one of them.
  2. afzal

    More cc or bhp

    Hello friends I'm confused a bit in this topic as Pulsar200cc has 18bhp while Karizma225cc has 17bhp or Royal Enfield 350 also has 18bhp which one would have more power,pickup and top speed?
  3. afzal

    Best Bike

    Yamaha Gladiator is much better than TVS . better in service, maintainance, power& pickup.
  4. Hunk is burning bike of the year with 14.2bhp macho look. in style it is better than CBZX, but 0.2 less in bhp.Prices are almost same.
  5. pulsar180 is fast & furious than RTR160 p180 has 16.5bhp while RTR160 has 15.2bhp with more sporty look.
  6. Hi adi,2.4CRV is appprox 2500cc,with a blasting 166bhp and of fuel consumption it same as other SUV's i.e. 13-14 kmph