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  1. why are the FZ tyers bad???
  2. hey the pics of the new honda 100 are on the motoring website, the have spy pics and its based on the CB 1000 design looks too much for the 100 cc bike
  3. The Netherlands came up with the crazy idea of covering a spanking-new 911 Carrera S in milk-chocolate. see the pictures on this link http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2009/11/chocolate-dipped-porsche-911-carrera-s.html
  4. y not after all ross is leading the team.
  5. hi guys have just heard that shumi is planing a come back with the new Merc team. and he is no longer involved in the Ferrari f1 racing team.
  6. @ afterburner CYRUS is the mod if he says its coming that means it is.
  7. are fuelrungod and 325i coming for the meet
  8. He is now the Formula 1 champion 2009. Someone who deserved the title for a really long time but just did not have the car. But finally he has done it, not in style but what matters is he did it. Congrats to BUTTON
  9. Everyone was awating the launch of the ninja 250 in India. But now that it is in the market do you thinks its been worth the wait for so many bikers Below mentioned are the specs Price: Rs. 2.69 lac ex-showroom, Delhi Colours: Green, Black Power: 33ps @ 11000 RPM, 22Nm @ 8200 RPM Suspension: 37mm forks, Uni-Trak rear with 5-way preload adjustment Brakes: 290mm/220mm petal discs Kerb weight: 172kg
  10. you cannot compare the ninja to the r15 guys, definatly if you havea budget problem the R15 is really good
  11. try the rtr 160 fi u like speed try this one
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04CarbWxX4o&feature=PlayList&p=790F41C277280E18&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=28
  13. really looking foward to this car, since i love fiat, would love to own this one. the best color would be red.
  14. yes sticker /????? The X6 is mind blowing, I hope to see more action shots like this.
  15. yes i dont think so the bike will cost 1 lakh, specially after its imported. this beast is goin to rock the indian roads, I HOPE they launch the bike by the end of the year.
  16. ya you forgot about HONDA
  17. to be frank i dont like the looks at all, I hope it has good qualities to go with cause whats more important is it should serve the purpose.
  18. i think the new City looks better than the fabia on the header
  19. ya i totally agree with you sgiitk, I watch A1 its fun but F1 is something else, i love F1 but if they do standardized cars then it will take out the fun of technology, the Aero and lots more.
  20. very nice brother from another mother. thanks for the review. but then i am guessing since u take it easy with the bike the milage is 38 - 40 , if you start reving it dam it will go down to 30.
  21. hi guys just saw this article on the autocarindia website http://www.autocarindia.com/new/Information.asp?id=2174 This is the car that Maruti hopes will challenge the Hyundai i10. Known as the Maruti A-Star in India, as it will not replace the Alto here, the car for the Indian market will also have wind down windows and other modifications made to it. Power comes from the same 67bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine however and it
  22. how many of did take part in this survey? Come guys lets help them out here
  23. in MUMBAI i just called the delership called "Excellent" and they said they were to start delivery from the 16 but no bikes have come in, Yamaha is delaying the bike and they should be out by the 26. what the HELL
  24. and another thing is they dont have test rides what on earth is yamaha up to how can u sell the bike, atleast i won,t shell out 75 thousand for a bike i have never ridden, dont you think its wrong and yamaha are getting away with it.