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  1. Thanks for the wishes and a happy diwali to you and all other members of this forum. I will be celebrating diwali with my friends this time and will be heading to GOA the next day of diwali. Contributing to environment by bursting less crackers this time Will share my experiences there as this is my first visit. Friends do share how do you plan to celebrate diwali this year.
  2. At Rs 3,60,000 you will get Hyundai Eon D-Lite + model and Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Lxi model. I would suggest to go for Eon as it has more goodies at the same price. If you can stretch your budget a little bit go for Alto K10 base model with discounts. Alto 800 will not come with any discount as it is a new model. With the festive season you can end up with a higher version of Eon at the same price. But again Maruti has better A.S.S than Hyundai. My vote goes to Eon. Pros for Eon D-Lite+ over Alto 800 Better interiors, you do not feel like a 3-lakh rupee car 3495mm in Length (100 mm longer than 800) 1550mm in width (60 mm wider than 800) 814cc engine (18cc more than 800) 56@5500 compared to 48@6000 of 800
  3. I don't think used A-Star will be available for less than 3 lakhs? But however anyone has any idea how much an used A-Star will cost?
  4. Yes, you can get a decent used car in that budget, old model with a little high odo. Do some research in the used car market with a lot patience and you will surely strike a good deal. If you can stretch your budget a little bit around 1.8-2 lakhs there are lot many options. And please also mention what is your average daily run, regular office commute or just for the weekend drives.
  5. I hope this is the right thread to post my question. One of my senior colleague who usually travels in a chauffeur driven VW Jetta. As many of you know due to this Nilam effect it was raining heavily on 31/10 in Bangalore. He left office for his home around 8 when it was still pouring and as with the Bangalore roads it was a huge traffic the car was stuck in between the traffic. It had been around half an hour the car did not even cover 100 meters the driver got impatient. Most of the vehicles were moving from the right side of the road because of knee length water on the left side of the road the driver got an idea: Driver: Sir we can go from the left side, it is empty Colleague: No, the water may get inside the engine and it may stop Driver kept silent Suddenly another office cab (Tata Sumo or something like that) passed through the water without any problem Driver: Sir see everyone is going, I will follow any vehicle so that I do not go into deep waters. Colleague: (Hesitating) Ok, but be careful So after another vehicle passed, the driver followed that one Hardly they just started moving in the water the car stopped suddenly Colleague: Kya hua? (what happened?) Driver: Don't know, shayad engine bandh ho gaya (The engine may have stopped) After various attempts the car did not start and sadly my colleague had to take an auto and the car was towed to the VW service and was informed that there is some major damage with the engine assembly and have quoted him around 3 lakhs for repairs. 3 lakhs? is this a genuine estimate? Please suggest.
  6. Thats is indeed spectacular pricing. It is available in the following colours- Frost Blue, Blazing Red, Silky Silver, Torque Blue, Granite Gray and Superior White. One of the most important additions is an airbag on the driver’s side. Source:
  7. That is true but he should've retire during his peak time. I hope this doesn't happen with our very own legend Sachin Tendulkar:( he must retire after a good run.
  8. What should be the price as compared to the current model, any ideas? I've been hearing it is around 2 lakhs more than the current one, isn't that too much just for some cosmetic change only?
  9. It is so sad to see a legend go like this. But he should be associated with F1 for years to come. I started watching the F1 because of him.
  10. Thanks for the comments @PrancingHorse. You cleared my confusion. I will definitely TD it once it comes to the market.
  11. Schumi has been replaced by Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes for 2013. Now should he continue racing with smaller teams like Sauber? Should he retire after this season or move to a managerial role or join F1 administration. Please pour in your comments. @mods I could not find any topic for this discussion so opening a new topic. Merge or delete this topic if found inappropriate.
  12. Hi @AMG1, yes I already went through that review. Only thing I am concerned about is that I have never driven an automatic. Here are some points which I need clarifications on: 1. people keep saying automatic transmisstion has lot of problems (low FE,pick up not good) , is that true? 2. MT gives you more control over the car. 3. AT cars are sluggish. 4. Reason for very less AT versions of all the cars in India. Thanks, Jayant
  13. Did you check the chevrolet India website? It pretty much explains all the features. I guess it should be only cosmetic changes from 2007 to 2012 version.
  14. Tickets can be booked via also. Which is the best (cheapest) stand to watch the race, any suggestions?