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  1. Thanks, Anyway, the car is now at the dealer's for 1000 km servicing. They might do all tightening (hopefully!)
  2. I recently bought a new Tata Safari. An excellent car, very responsive and powerful. Engine is surprisingly quiet. All latest features, leather seats, 4x4, fully auto etc. etc. The only downside: Low frequency noise inside cabin. I have checked out various websites dealing with noise muffling, but I keep getting the warning from experts that if I use a lot of muffling within the cabin, it might lead to suppression of high frequency noises only (which the car already does very well) but may actually enhance low frequency buzz. They also suggest that low frequency noises are best tackled from OUTSIDE the cabin, so that these frequencies do not enter the cabin at all, or are reduced to a bearable level. Any ideas how to go about this?