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  1. No Actually i got a sony fitted 2 years back, They are good.
  2. Thanks all. Is it ok with out an AMP or will that sound like normal speakers with out AMP?
  3. Well i am ready to spend around 5k. Not more than that cause i am planning to sell this car in sometime.
  4. Hi All, I have a head unit which is DEH-P5750MP which is connected to Rear speakers on a tray and then 2 speakers on the front door. Not sure of the speaker specifications but the rear one is a Pioneer which is 3 way i guess and then front speakers are sony. Now the rear speaker has a wierd noise on DRUMS, only one side the other is fine. Now i have disconnected one speaker. Was thinking of replacing the speakers, but then was thinking if i replace the speakers the tray noise is always a pain. So planing to remove the tray and buy a component for the front door and move the front speakers to rear door. Now i need suggestion. If you guys think component is the best solution, suggest a model. Not thought of budget so not mentioned. Also not interested in SUB or AMP as this car is used very less. Regards, Darshan
  5. ops.. sorry i missed that part
  6. I have seen people testing the kpl of their 2 wheelers in the method you suggested. I think there needs to be some sort of pressure for the petrol to reach the engine looking at the tank and engine position(correct me if i am wrong). Cause i still remember my old zen ran out of petrol many times(college days) and 1 liter petrol would never start the engine. Dont reply - technology has changed
  7. I love to drive after a drink I a lot cautious and I drink very less.
  8. Hi All, I am planning to buy a Indigo CS Diesel version for my Dad, He is 53 and does a 30 - 40 kms per day(or wont touch is car of a day or 2) and some long drives on weekend. There was not much difference between in the models(like power windows and so on) so picked diesel in this forum, but i got to go for a test drive before picking one. I would hate if all the cabs in bangalore will be Indigo CS in future. Also if someone owns this car please given the details on milage and the servicing cost (for both petrol and diesel). One of my friend who has a Indigo told the servicing cost is very less and he compared it as less than 800. Or if someone thinks they can sugest me a different car, thats great. I dont want to invest more also. Please advice on the same. Regards, Darshan