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  1. I have finally decided to buy a swift vdi after months upon months of speculation and studies. And i am pretty happy with my choice. Now, i heard that many people upgrade the tyres of their swifts. Most go for bigger tyres. But my dealer says that the stock 14 inchers are good enough. He says that upgrading to alloys is all that is needed. Is this really so? or should i get bigger tyres as well?
  2. I wish to upgrade from my incredibly old m800. The logan sounds like a great car. Only, recently, i've been hearing some unsettling rumors about a mahindra renault break up. I think it is just some misinterpretation of the news about mahindra pulling out of the joint venture with renault and nissan, but i'm not too confident about buying the car anymore. So is there really something bad going on with mahindra - renault? Are the rumors reason enough to play safe and not buy the Logan?