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  1. Thx guys for your information and nice advices.Yeah i also think Innova is best but if Loga is launching in June july then i can wait till then.I am not sure when it will be ,its just my guess This is the car i am talking about of Logan,though i called Renalt showroom they say they have no information but what i read in it was in 2008 suvs Yeah i have also heard Innova is coming with few modifications.Any idea what possible date.?
  2. Actually I wanted to buy Innova this january but then came auto exp and I post-poned it.and what I read in forums is that there is goin to be launch of renoult dacia too..Another reason that I have delayed buying innova I thought with arrival of other suvs in market probably Innova's rate might slashed down. Now what I want is advice from you experts is Dacia really goin to be launched and is it worth waiting for it.Mine main requirement is 7-8 seater and comfortable car like Innova with round about 10 lakh suv.Or you guys suggest me any other car worthy.